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Filming Requirements

While the City of Port Coquitlam is supportive of filming in BC, our main responsibility is to ensure that the residents have the opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet of their environment with a minimum number of disruptions.

Companies or organizations wishing to film in Port Coquitlam must complete and submit to the City of Port Coquitlam an application form as soon as possible, and no later than five working days before filming is scheduled to commence.

No filming will take place in public areas where and when special events are scheduled (e.g. May Day, Canada Day, Greek Day, Harvest Festival, etc.). See Community Calendar for event details.

Prior to Filming

  • Confirm approval of Filming Application - All filming applications must be approved by the Director of Engineering & Operations prior to the fliming taking place.
  • Submit fees and security deposits - Payment of all fees and security deposits must be recevied by the Engineering & Operations Department a minimum of three business days before filming is to commence.
    • A non-refundable Permit Fee of $750, to cover the cost of administration time, is required at the time of application.
    • Payment for a City Location Supervisor (at the discretion of the Direction of Engineering & Operations) and any other City staff (staff hourly rate) and materials required, including signage to restrict parking or close roads, is required.  This cost to be invoiced by the Finance Division.
    • Deposit (minimum amount is $5,000) to cover the cost of City staff helping in preparation for the filming such as signage, traffic control, relocating municipal equipment, etc.  Final costs will be based on actual time including overtime, materials, supervision, overhead and any damages to City Property.  The deposit is refunded upon satisfactory completion of filming, inspection, and payment of all City invoices.
    • Rental fees for City buildings and facilties, parks and/or road closures. Civic facilities are usually only available after regular working hours; some recreation facilities may be used uring working hours subject to approval from the Director of Parks and Recreation. A rental fee of $150 per hour is applicable for the use of civic amenities.
  • Obtain a business licence from the Bylaw Services Division.
  • Secure a permit for any fireworks or “Movie Pyrotechnics” as  required by the Fire Protective Services Bylaw 3562.  Contact the Fire Department at 604.927.5466 for permit details and application.
  • For filming taking place in the downtown area, provide filming details to the Business Improvement Association.
  • Provide to the City an accurate location sketch showing:
    • all filming locations
    • fire access routes
    • all parking locations needed for crew, trailers and equipment
    • all road closures needed and times of closure plus any “No Parking” signage and traffic control that may be required (Street closures for arterial roads are limited to non-rush hours only. Click here to view road closure restrictions.)
    • any City property that may be required to be relocated or removed during filming
    • alterations to grounds and buildings
  • Coordinate traffic control measures with the Coquitlam RCMP (Tel 604.945.1550) and receive approval from the Director of Engineering & Operations.  Payment is to be paid directly to the City.
  • Deliver a letter (to be approved by the Director of Engineering & Operations) to surrounding neighbours and businesses informing them of filming dates and times and including a contact name and telephone number. This letter must be delivered a minimum of three business days before filming is to commence.
  • Arrange approval and compensation for lost business with individual businesses.
  • Liaise with Translink Special Events (Tel 604.453.4609) regarding any disturbances to transit services.
  • Observe all City Bylaws, specifically the Noise Bylaw and Traffic Bylaw. Contact the Bylaw Services Division for for more information.
  • Provide liability insurance with the City of Port Coquitlam as the additional named insured.  The minimum insurance coverage amount is five million dollars.
  • Appoint and provide contact information for one company representative to address all filming issues (usually the Location Supervisor).

After Filming
When filming is completed, the property must be returned to the same or better condition as when the application was received.  Inspection to be done by the City and all repairs completed to the satisfaction of the Director of Engineering & Operations.  Any repairs will be the responsibility of the production company.

Filming Coordinator
Engineering & Operations Department
Tel 604.927.5420
Fax  604.927.5407

Location and Mailing Address

City Hall Annex (beside City Hall)
200 - 2564 Shaughnessy Street
Port Coquitlam BC  V3C 3G4

Business Hours
8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holiday)

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