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Wipe Out Graffiti (Business Program)
Commercial businesses in Port Coquitlam’s Northside and Downtown business areas have new help in the fight against graffiti vandalism. The "Wipe Out Graffiti” program was initiated by the City in partnership with Tri-City Paint and Decorating and the local RCMP Community Police Stations. This program provides the tools and techniques necessary to help local commercial business and property owners keep their businesses graffiti-free.

As part of the “Wipe Out Graffiti” program, Tri-City Paint and Decorating provides eligible businesses with significant discounts on Benjamin Moore paint and supplies, free colour matching and free painting supplies for removing graffiti from commercial buildings in the Downtown and Northside. Also, the City provides an educational brochure that offers tips and techniques to prevent graffiti from spreading throughout the community.

Northside and Downtown commercial business and property owners wanting to take advantage of this new program to help remove graffiti from their premise should first report the incident to the Community Police Station in their area. Staff at the Community Police Stations will provide helpful information and vouchers for paint and painting supplies.

For more information, please contact:

Downtown Community Police Station
2581 Mary Hill Road
Port Coquitlam BC
Tel 604.927.2383
Fax 604.927.2399
Email communitypolice@shaw.ca

Northside Community Police Station
3312 Coast Meridian Road
Port Coquitlam BC
Tel 604.927.5451
Email communitypolice@shaw.ca

Last Updated:5/28/2014 9:50:59 AM