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Drinking and Driving

Impaired Driving still accounts for almost 26 percent of all driving-related fatalities in our province - and police reported that 5,300 crashes, 3,400 injuries and 127 deaths were caused by impaired driving in B.C. last year.

There were approximately 2,600 alcohol-related crashes, 1,570 injuries and 43 fatalities in the Lower Mainland alone in 2005.

We all know that December delivers more celebration and office parties - plus more alcohol consumption - than any other time of the year. So it's crucial to remind everybody that even one or two drinks can impair judgment and produce tragic consequences.

Visit www.icbc.com for additional information on Impaired Driving. Or click here  to download a drinking and driving fact sheet (pdf).

You'll get away with a lot of things this holiday season.
Drinking and driving won't be one of them.
Plan ahead for a safe ride home.
Call a cab, take transit or use a designated driver.

Last Updated:12/15/2006 6:14:19 PM