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Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian Safety - ICBCNovember is one of the most dangerous months for pedestrians.  The darker, wet days create difficult driving conditions, making it harder for drivers to see pedestrians.  Unfortunately, in crash incidents involving pedestrians and motorists, it is the pedestrian who suffers – often with tragic results.

Walking across the street may seem like an easy task but current police reports indicate that in 2006, over 65 pedestrians were killed and 2,500 pedestrians were injured in crashes on B.C. roads. That same year in the Lower Mainland, police reported nearly 1,800 injuries and 40 fatalities in pedestrian-related crashes.

Safety Tips for Pedestrians

Safety Tips for Drivers

To demonstrate the importance of wearing bright and reflective clothing, the Autoplan brokers have produced a short video featuring an “invisibly dressed” pedestrian dummy that is struck by a car travelling at 50 km/h and 70 km/h at night.  The video can be viewed online at www.icbc.com.

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