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Don't Trash Your Pumpkin!

Pumkin recycling

After the treats have been collected and the costumes put away, what do you do with your jack o’ lantern?

A: Simply put it into your green cart for curbside pickup, along with your other kitchen scraps and yard trimmings.

If households who receive City waste services carve a pumpkin this year and place it in their green cart, that simple action could divert thousands of pounds of material away from the landfill. In addition, the used-up pumpkins will join the other green cart material going to the regional composting facility, where it will be turned into soil amendments that are sold to farmers and gardeners.

Unwanted candy can also be dropped into the green cart rather than the trash.

Other ideas for a green Halloween:
Close to half of all household waste consists of kitchen scraps and yard trimmings suitable for composting. Composting these organic materials, either via a City green cart or a backyard composter, is an easy way to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced by landfills.

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