Solid Waste Bylaw Regulations
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Bylaw Amendments in 2014

Amendments to the Solid Waste Bylaw are being considered by City Council in October and November 2014.

Read the proposed amended bylaw.

Some of the changes being considered include:

The City’s enforcement approach is to work one-on-one with residents in areas of high bear activity to educate them on storage and locking options. Fines are only issued as a last resort.

Protecting Residents and Bears

Introduced in 2009, Port Coquitlam's Solid Waste Bylaw requires residents and businesses to secure their garbage and other bear and wildlife attractants. The bylaw places responsibility on individuals for ensuring their property does not attract bears and other wildlife, including coyotes, wolves, cougars, raccoons and skunks. It applies year-round to all residents and businesses – not just those receiving City pickup.

The bylaw protects our neighbourhoods by helping prevent bears from becoming habituated to human food sources. Bears who find an easy meal from a waste cart, dog food dish or backyard fruit tree will return to these sources again and again, and teach their cubs to do the same. Bears habituated to human food sources can also become aggressive in their search for food, and may have to be killed.

Understanding the Rules

There are three rules to follow:

  1. Secure your garbage and green waste -- either by storing your waste containers in your garage or other secure enclosure OR by installing a wildlife resistant lock.
  2. Only set out your garbage and green waste carts on collection day -- no earlier than 5:30 am and no later then 7:30 am; if you have a lock system, be sure to unlock it
  3. Resecure your garbage and green waste - no later than 7 pm on collection day
Additionally, the bylaw indicates property owners and occupiers must:

The bylaw requires residents and businesses to secure all wildlife attractants including garbage or kitchen waste.

In addition to garbage and kitchen waste, wildlife attractants include food products, beverage containers, barbecue grills, compost (in piles, not composters), pet food, bird feed, diapers, grease barrels, petroleum products, chemical products and grass clippings.

Other wildlife attractants must be secured as follows:

What do I need to do to make my waste container wildlife-resistant?

Please note that if you store your carts in a garage or other secure enclosure, you do not need to lock your waste container.

If you cannot store your carts in a garage or other secure enclosure, then you must secure your cart with a wildlife resistant lock. 

If you receive private collection services and are unable to secure your garbage in a garage or other secure enclosure, you must still secure your garbage in a cart with a wildlife resistant lock.  Please visit the BC Conservation Foundation website for more information.

Key Contacts
All Bear Sightings - Provincial Conservation Officer Service - 1-877-952-RAPP (7277) 
City Waste Collection Services - 604-927-5488 or  604-927-5496
Solid Waste Infractions / Fines - Bylaw Enforcement - 604.927.5440 or

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