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Solid Waste Bylaw Regulations
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Protecting Residents and Bears

Introduced in 2009 and updated in 2015, Port Coquitlam's Solid Waste Bylaw requires residents and businesses to secure their garbage, green waste and other wildlife attractants. Under the bylaw, individuals are responsible for ensuring their property does not attract bears and other wildlife, including coyotes, wolves, cougars, raccoons and skunks.

The bylaw protects our neighbourhoods by helping prevent bears from becoming habituated to human food sources. Bears who find an easy meal from a waste cart, dog food dish or backyard fruit tree will return to these sources again and again, and teach their cubs to do the same. Bears habituated to human food sources can also become aggressive in their search for food, and may have to be killed.

Understanding the Rules

There are two main rules to follow:

  1. Lock it up: Secure your garbage and green waste by EITHER storing waste containers in a garage, shed or other wildlife-resistant enclosure, OR by installing a wildlife-resistant lock certified by the BC Conservation Foundation (such as Critter Guard or the City's cart locks).
  2. Set it out: Only set out your garbage and green waste carts on collection day between 5:30 am and 7:30 am (unlock or remove any locks first), and re-secure carts by 7 pm on collection day.
Additionally, the bylaw indicates property owners and occupiers must:


The Solid Waste Bylaw requirement to secure wildlife attractants applies year-round to all residents and businesses – not just those receiving City pickup – but enforcement priority is given to areas with a record of high bear activity:
The City’s enforcement approach is to work one-on-one with residents in areas of high bear activity to educate them on storage and locking options and set-out requirements. Fines are only issued as a last resort.

As a last resort, fines of up to $150 per instance may be issued.


All Bear Sightings - Provincial Conservation Officer Service - 1.877.952.RAPP (7277) 
City Waste Collection Services - 604.927.5496
Solid Waste Infractions / Fines - Bylaw Enforcement - 604.927.5440 or

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