Dog Off-leash Areas

The Downtown Dog Off-leash Area and the Shaughnessy Park Dog Off-leash Area are the only public spaces in the City of Port Coquitlam where dogs may be off-leash. These areas are intended to diminish off-leash conflicts in other parks. For more information about the City’s leash laws, click here.

Map - Downtown Dog Off-leash Area

Downtown Dog Off-leash Area

Opened December 2011
Maple Street and Bury Avenue, downtown Port Coquitlam (map and directions)
Dawn to dusk
Access and parking:
The site can be accessed from the Traboulay PoCo Trail or Maple Street. Street parking is limited in the area; dog owners are encouraged to walk there from home or from the parking area in nearby Gates Park.
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Shaughnessy Park Dog Off-leash Area

Opened: January 2010
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Dog off-Leash area drawing jpeg

3300-block of Shaughnessy Street, across from Chester Place  (map and directions)
6 am to 11 pm


It is hoped a user group will fund raise for a water fountain, which is not currently part of the City's plans because of the cost to bring water into the park.

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Dog off-leash areas were identified as a significant need when the City collected public input for the 2007 Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan. The need was further reinforced in a customer survey conducted in the fall of 2008 by the Parks and Recreation Department, as well as further public consultation that took place in summer 2009.

Future Plans
The Parks and Recreation Department has recognized the need for additional off-leash areas in Port Coquitlam. Sites in Citadel Heights and in north-east Port Coquitlam are being considered for future off-leash areas as funds become available in the next few years.

Until further off-leash areas are developed, owners may face enforcement under the Animal Control Bylaw if they allow their dogs to go off-leash in any public space other than the two designated dog off-leash areas.


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