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City Departments
City departments provide a wide range of programs and services to those who live, visit and do business in Port Coquitlam. They provide basic essential services like clean water, waste collection, sewer system, roads, and fire and police protection, as well as other services such as libraries, Recreational facilities, economic development and more.

The type and levels of service provided are determined by the elected City Council.

Organizational Chart

Click on the departments in the chart to read more about their services.

A list of specific City services and contact information can also be found in the City Services Directory.

 Organizational Chart 2014 - citizens and council
 Organizational Chart 2014 - Chief Administrative Officer
Assists Council to establish the City's vision, plans and priorities.
Provides direction to all departments and is the coordinating link between
Council and staff, and the public.
Organizational Chart 2014 - Corporate Support
Brings together services and functions that support the organization as a whole: Communications & Administration, Corporate Office, Information Services, Bylaw Services.

  Organizational Chart 2014 - Fire & Emergency Services
Ensures orderly and safe development within the City. Includes the Planning and Building Divisions and also provides economic development, social planning and heritage planning functions. 

Organizational Chart 2014 - Development Services

Provides essential municipal services and infrastructure including water and sewer utilities, transportation, flood protection, waste collection, fleet management, mapping and infrastructure development.

Organizational Chart 2014 - Human Resources

Provides financial services such as financial planning, policy development, payroll, accounts payable, investment management, financial reporting, taxation, purchasing and risk management.

Fire & Emergency Services

Provides for the preservation of life, property and the environment. Responds to fires, rescue and emergency situations, medical emergencies and environmental disasters.

Organizational Chart 2014 - Finance

Provides advice and assistance in all facets of people management, including recruitment, labour relations, occupational health and safety, staff training and development, and benefit, wage and salary administration.

Contributes to the quality of life and personal wellness of the community by providing a variety of programs, events, services and facilities. Also liaises with Terry Fox Library and manages the cemetery.

Serves Port Coquitlam as well as Anmore, Belcarra and Coquitlam with 24/7 response to emergency calls, criminal investigations, crime prevention, crime reduction initiatives, and community education.

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