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Property Taxes


The City has no authority to either waive or modify these penalty amounts. It is a requirement of the Local Government Act that these penalties be added.

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If Your Property Taxes Are Paid by a Mortage Company/Financial Institution

Payment Options
Property Tax Deferment Program

Why have my property taxes increased?
The following factors may affect the amount of your tax bill:

To find out more about the issues affecting the 2017-2021 Financial Plan and this year's tax bill, click here.

Below is the average property tax per household in Port Coquitlam:

Category RATES
School Levy
 1.5469 906.69
Net Basic School Taxes:
BC Assessment Authority Levy  0.0543 28.31
Greater Vancouver Regional District
 0.0532 27.74
Translink Levy  0.2834 147.77
Municipal Finance Authority Levy  0.0002 0.10
Net Other Government Taxes:
Policing 0.7945 414.26
Fire & Emergency
0.6202 323.38
Recreation Services 0.3884 202.52
Infrastructure Funding 0.3825 199.44
Administrative Services
0.5187 270.46
Engineering & Public Works
0.4099 213.73
Terry Fox Library
0.1022 53.29
Debt Repayment
0.1913 99.75
Solid Waste Fee

Net Municipal Taxes
Total New Tax Levieis   299.44

The Relationship Between Property Assessment and Municipal Property Taxes
Municipal governments use property assessments to determine what tax rate they must set to raise the revenue needed to pay for public services, such as police and fire protection, recreation, parks, road improvements and new infrastructure.

Property assessment and taxation is two-part process:

  1. BC Assessment determines the market value of properties and send property owners a Property Assessment Notice. If you are a property owner, you should have received this notice earlier this year.
  2. Tax authorities, like municipal government, set tax rates that are applied to the assessed value and property owners a Tax Notice.

Given the relationship between property assessment and municipal property taxes, many property owners believe that a high property assessment increase means high increases in property taxes. This is not necessarily the case. If the City's operating budget is $100 million, for example, it will be $100 million whether the average residential property is worth $200,000 or $400,000. The value of the properties does not determine the costs of the City's programs and services.

What does affect your property tax rate, however, is your property's assessed value in relation to the average assessed value. The average residential assessment in Port Coquitlam increased by 12.82%  in 2015. If your assessment changed by more or less than the average assessed property value, your property taxes will have changed proportionately.

For more information on this subject, visit our Frequently Asked Questions regarding Property Taxation.

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