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Snow Removal and Ice Control

Snow Removal

Each winter, the Engineering & Operations Department maintains 155 km of road to reduce the hazards of ice and snow conditions for motorists and pedestrians. The start of icy morning roads mobilizes the snow and ice removal crews, which hit the streets with de-icing solution (see below).

The Operations Division relies on a combination of weather forecasts, automated in-pavement temperature and moisture sensors, and visual inspections to activate the City’s snow and ice-removal program. The first response is with brine trucks, which deposit a de-icing water-salt solution that sticks to the roads better and is more environmentally-friendly than dry salt.

Depending on weather conditions, a variety of different vehicles will hit the streets this winter to clear away the snow and ice, including:

Snow Removal Priorities

First Priority

  • Arterial roads and main routes - to ensure buses, emergency responders and the greatest number of people can get through
  • Steep hills
  • School zones

Second Priority

  • Bus routes
  • Collector roads

Third Priority

  • Residential streets leading to subdivisions
  • Industrial side streets

Ice Control Road Sensor System
The City of Port Coquitlam was one of the first cities in British Columbia to implement a pavement temperature road sensor system. The sensors are implanted within the road pavement structure to measure asphalt surface temperatures and moisture. Data is monitored by a centralized telemetry system programmed to alert staff of emergent changes to road conditions. City crews are dispatched to apply de-icing solution or plow city roadways as is necessary to improve road conditions. 

Anti-Icing Program
As part of the City's "Anti-Icing" ice control program, crews apply a liquid de-icing solution instead of salt particulate to minimize the amount of salt used and to improve adhesion of the salt to the road’s surface.

The ice-control road sensor system and the anti-icing program have provided overall improvements to snow clearing efficiency, while reducing costs and environmental impacts to the community.

Sidewalk Clearing
Port Coquitlam property owners are responsible for maintaining sidewalks free of snow and ice adjacent to their properties.
Property owners must also have their sidewalks cleaned by 10 am on the day after the snowfall. 

When shoveling your driveway, please pile the snow on the left side of the driveway (facing your property). This will improve your visibility of approaching traffic and will reduce snow windrows resulting from plow trucks dragging your snow pile back into your driveway. 

The City clears sidewalks adjacent to parks, bridges and other city-owned properties.

Sand and Salt
The City uses salt, salt/sand mix and straight sand to reduce ice formation on city roadways. Salt is a fast-acting and effective chemical. 

The City attempts to minimize the use of salt and sand on roadways to lessen the impacts upon the environment.  The application rates of salt and salt/sand mixes are based on temperature, road conditions, weather forecasts and snowfall rates. 

More information:
Operations Division
Tel 604.927.5480 or 604.927.5488
24 Hour Emergency Contact 604.543.6700
Fax 604.927.5408
Email operations@portcoquitlam.ca

Location and Mailing Address
Operations Centre
1737 Broadway
Port Coquitlam BC  V3C 2M9

Business Hours
7:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays)

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