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Voting Locations & Information

Where do I vote?

You may vote at ONE of the following stations:

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What's New for this Election?

Voting by mail

It is easier to vote by mail. Previously, electors could only vote by mail if they had a physical disability, illness or injury. Now, electors can vote by mail if they:

Advance voting

It is easier to vote in an advance voting opportunity. Previously, electors could only vote in advance for a limited number of reasons (e.g. They expected to be absent from the City on general voting day). Now, there are no restrictions on who can vote in advance.

Non-resident property electors

It is easier for non-resident property electors (NRPEs) to vote. Previously, NRPEs had to visit the Election Office to get a special certificate before registering at the time of voting. Now, they no longer need to have this certificate in order to register at the time of voting.

Information about candidates

It is easier to view candidates’ nomination papers and campaign financial disclosures. Previously, the only way to view unedited versions of the nomination papers and campaign financing disclosure statements was to inspect them in person at City Hall. Now, the City is allowed to post unedited versions of these documents on the Internet, (starting in 2008). More information about candidates.

Voters List Access

Access to copies of the voters list has been clarified. Previously, it was unclear whether members of the public were entitled to request copies of the voters list. Now, the legislation states that copies of the voters list are not available to the general public; the list will remain available for viewing by the public, and copies are still provided to candidates.


Nomination requirements have been amended. Previously, candidates could file a nomination package even if they did not intend to take office if elected. Now, candidates must include in their nomination package a solemn declaration of intent to take office if elected.

Campaign Financing

Campaign financing changes include:

What are the dates and locations for advanced voting?

The advance polls will be held from 8am to 8pm at the Elks Hall, located at 2272 Leigh Square (map and directions) on:

What if I am out of town during all voting opportunities?

The City of Port Coquitlam provides the option of a mail-in ballot for residents who will not be in Port Coquitlam on Voting Day or during all Advanced Polling Opportunities.  Please contact the Corporate Office (info below) to apply for a mail-in ballot. 

For further information regarding Port Coquitlam's municipal elections, please contact:
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Email: corporateoffice@portcoquitlam.ca

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