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City Hall - A Brief History

City Hall - circa 1914The original City Hall (shown on right) was constructed in 1914 under the authority of Bylaw No. 12, which was passed on May 16, 1913. The original building is the three-story brick structure to the left (north) of the present Shaughnessy Street entrance to City Hall.

Until the mid 1960's only the first two floors of the building were occupied. Along with the Municipal Offices those two floors housed, at various times, library facilities, police offices and a courtroom on the second floor that also served as the Council Chamber. In 1966 a new Council Chamber, Committee Room and Mayor's Office were constructed on the east half of the third floor and the balance of the floor was used as office space.

In early 1972 the courtroom, police office and lock up facilities were moved to a separate building. In late 1972 and early 1973, the interior of the original City Hall was extensively renovated.

In 1986 the City initiated an addition to City Hall and plans were prepared by Toby, Russell, Buckwell Architects. The contracting firm of Double V Construction Limited started work in early September 1987. The reconstruction of City Hall included a complete renovation of the interior of the original City Hall and the addition of a new three-story building on the south side, including a new public entrance area . Since the original City Hall was provincially designated as a protected Heritage Site in late 1985, a great deal of care was taken to ensure that the old style appearance of the old building remained intact and that the new construction reinforced and complemented the original design.

Visitors to the third floor of City Hall will note a seam in the brick wall to the right of the entrance to the Council Chamber. This line marks where the original City Hall ends and the addition begins.

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