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History Book - 'Port Coquitlam: Where Rails Meet Rivers'
Did you know that Coast Meridian Road is one of the Lower Mainland’s oldest streets? Or that Port Coquitlam has more parkland acreage per capita than any other city in the Lower Mainland? Or that Shaughnessy Street was named after a Canadian Pacific Railway president?

Ever wonder what else you don’t know about Port Coquitlam?

Rails Meet Rivers book
Published by B.C.’s Harbour Publishing, the coffee-table book traces the story of Port Coquitlam from initial first-nations activity hundreds of years ago to the modern explosion of growth and development. Its 200-plus pages relate the impact of Port Coquitlam’s residents – from our famous hometown hero Terry Fox to lesser-known figures from the past – on the community’s growth and spirit. And in his trademark colourful and easy-to-read style, author Davis has peppered the book with interesting city facts and anecdotes that make the history of Port Coquitlam come alive.

Excerpts from Port Coquitlam - Where Rails Meet Rivers selected by author Chuck Davis:
The book is no longer available for sale. However you may view the book at the Terry Fox Library (2470 Mary Hill Road, 604.927.7999).

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