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Strategic Plan

Vision 2020 logo Successful cities develop a vision of how they want to look in the future. They determine community priorities. They align decisions and actions with supported and shared goals.  And they adhere to a strategic plan that clearly defines the goals and objectives that will lead to the vision.

Vision 2020: A new Strategic Plan for Port Coquitlam.

Much has changed in the world and much has been achieved in the City of Port Coquitlam since development of our first Strategic Plan in 2002.

To remain focused and relevant, our City began to develop a new Corporate Strategic Plan in 2010. Public consultation was the cornerstone of this process, ensuring the new plan reflects community priorities. 

Adopted June 13, 2011, the City of Port Coquitlam’s new Corporate Strategic Plan outlines the community’s vision for the future and will guide the City’s policy, operations and financial decisions through to 2020 as we work to achieve that vision.

DOWNLOAD: Corporate Strategic Plan Vision 2020 - Final

Plan details

The new Strategic Plan is built around the following Vision: Port Coquitlam is a happy, vibrant, safe community with healthy, engaged residents and thriving businesses, supported by sustainable resources and services.
Our City’s energetic and resourceful staff, governed by a dedicated City Council, will bring our Vision to life. Our collective Mission is: We strive to do it right by researching, planning, building and executing well-balanced solutions.

Consultation with staff and the community produced a series of Outcomes that will help us achieve our Vision:

In the years leading up to 2020, our policy, operational and financial decisions will be guided by Directions and Initiatives that are designed to achieve these Outcomes.

For more information, contact:
Karen Grommada
Director of Finance
Tel 604.927.5305

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