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New Resident Information

Lougheed Sign

Are you new to Port Coquitlam?

Contact City Hall for your City Info Guide along with information about community events, maps of the various rivers and trails within our community, recreation and leisure activities, and many more helpful tips and information. A variety of information is available in person at Port Coquitlam City Hall. You can also contact 604.927.5411 or info@portcoquitlam.ca to obtain more information.

On this website, find out about the City, get answers to frequently asked questions, check out tips for new residents and consult the community directory for key contacts and other community resources.

PoCoMAPLooking for facilities or parks? Or maybe zoning information about your new neighbourhood? Use PoCoMap, our interative mapping tool, to view and print information. With PoCoMap, you can access:
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