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LED Traffic Signals
LED Traffic LightThe City of Port Coquitlam is committed to the environment, reducing costs and saving energy and as a result, in 2004 the City switched their traffic signals to light emitting diode (LED) traffic signals. There are three significant advantages to using LED lights over the older incandescent halogen bulbs.
  • LED's are brighter
  • LED bulbs last longer
  • LED bulbs save a lot of energy

The project involved converting 31 signalized intersections to LED traffic signals and the costs were shared between the City, ICBC and BC Hydro. A basic intersection has eight signal heads with three LED lights per signal head. Both the green and red lights were changed, however there were not enough energy and cost savings to warrant changing the yellow lights. The City is expecting to replace the LED signals every 7 years, which represents significantly reduced maintenance requirements. In addition, all new traffic signals incorporate LED signal lights, including the yellow lights. As of 2006, the City of Port Coquitlam has 33 signalized intersections.


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