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Master Transportation Plan
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The City of Port Coquitlam adopted a new Master Transportation Plan (MTP) in November 2013 to guide the development of our pedestrian, bicycle, transit and road networks over the next 30 to 40 years.

Replacing the 2000 MTP, the 2013 plan envisions that 25% of all trips in Port Coquitlam will eventually take place by pedestrian, cycling or transit – up from 14% now.

At the heart of the MTP is the belief that growth in population and employment in the coming years will place increasing pressure on both the local and regional transportation systems.

To address these demands, the plan recommends a number of priority projects, some of which would be undertaken in partnership with other transportation service providers, such as the provincial government and TransLink.

The plan will be reviewed and updated every five to 10 years to reflect development trends, external factors and the City’s financial resources.

More information:

MTP Update Process 

The MTP update, which began in 2011, examined stakeholders’ key transportation issues and concerns, defined goals and objectives for the City’s transportation system, identified and evaluated major transportation improvements, and recommended a preferred transportation plan and implementation strategy.

The 2013 MTP reflects community input on key transportation issues and the long-term vision for the transportation system. Public consultation took place throughout the process and included open houses, surveys and written and telephone comments.

Click here for more background about the MTP development.

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