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Pesticide Use and Control

In June 2011, the City of Port Coquitlam adopted a Pesticide Use Control Bylaw that bans the non-essential use of cosmetic pesticides for maintaining outdoor trees, shrubs, flowers, other ornamental plants or turf on private residential or City land.

The bylaw applies to insecticides, herbicides and fungicides used on all residential land, including lawn and garden space of all single-family and multi-family residences, as well as all City property, parks and fields.

Exceptions include:
Download: Pesticide Use Control Bylaw 3767 (PDF)

Download: Restricted Pesticides List (PDF)

Download: Pesticide Alternatives & Natural Solutions (PDF)


Many Metro Vancouver municipalities have implemented pesticide bylaws to regulate the use of pesticides for cosmetic purposes on private properties.

Pesticides can contain environmental carcinogens, which are known to increase the risk of cancer. There is a growing body of scientific evidence linking pesticide exposure to both adult and childhood cancers, according to the Canadian Cancer Society. 

The Port Coquitlam Parks Division has not used pesticides on City-owned land since 1983, instead opting for natural methods such as the use of ladybugs to control aphids and selective plant selection.

The City also promotes green yard care to property owners.

Bylaw inclusions and exemptions
Cosmetic pesticides banned by the bylaw may be sold as sprays, liquids, powders or combined with chemical fertilizers (e.g. weed and feed).

Common active ingredients that may be found on labels of banned pesticides include 2,4-D, Mecoprop, Dicamba, Glyphosate, Carbaryl and Malathion.

Many safer alternatives are available and are exempt from the bylaw, including Corn Gluten Meal, Silica Gels and Vinegar. View the complete list of permitted pesticides on the last page of the bylaw.

Pesticide disposal
Pesticides are hazardous substances and should never be disposed of through the City’s storm sewers or household drains. Pesticides banned by Bylaw 3767 may be disposed of free of charge at Biggar Bottle Depot, 2577 Kingsway Avenue (604.945.3313), which accepts consumer pesticides that have both the poisonous (skull and crossbones) symbol and Pest Control Product (PCP) number (maximum 10 L per visit). Visit www.productcare.org for further information.

Unused pesticide products having no labels may be picked-up by one of several hazardous waste companies. Phone the British Columbia Recycling Hotline at 604-R-E-C-Y-C-L-E (732-9253) or visit www.rcbc.bc.ca for more information on companies in your area.

Contravention of the bylaw may result in a fine of up to $10,000. 

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