Strata Title Conversion

A strata title conversion allows for the subdivision of existing buildings into two or more strata lots. The Strata Property Act requires proposed strata plans for previously occupied buildings be submitted to the City for approval prior to submission to the Land Title Office.

Get Started: Pre-application

It is recommended that applicants speak with the Building Division and the Development Engineering Division concerning potential upgrading requirements for safety, fire hazards and servicing that are likely to be required as a condition to approval of the strata title conversion.

Approval of a strata title conversion for an older building may require upgrades to the sites servicing (water, storm and sanitary sewers) and associated plumbing upgrades. For further information, contact the Development Engineering Division.

Applicants are also advised to review the Strata Property Act and information on the BC Land Title & Survey website.

If the proposed strata title conversion requires building or plumbing upgrades, consult the Build a Structure page.

Application Process

Submit a completed Strata Title Subdivision Application including fees. Please consult the application checklist attached to the application form for a detailed list of requirements. Development Engineering ​staff are only able to accept complete applications.

If the building and site plans of the property to be strata-titled are not on file in the Building Division, submit:

  • A site plan showing location of existing building(s)
  • Floor plans of all levels of the existing building(s)

If the building(s) subject to the application are an apartment, commercial or industrial building, the City may require a British Columbia Building and Fire Code assessment report from a code consultant to identify any safety deficiencies and how they may be addressed.


There is no defined timeframe to obtain a decision in a Strata Title Conversion process. The time depends on the complexity of the policy issues, comprehensiveness of the application and time to respond to identified issues.

Fees, Charges, and Security/Deposit

All application fees are outlined in Schedule D of the Fees and Charges Bylaw.

A separate fee is required for the Building Division inspection, with an additional fee charged if more than one inspection is required.

There may be legal costs associated with your Strata Title Conversion application. Restrictive covenants, statutory right-of-ways or other legal agreements and documents may be required.

Approval Process

The File Manager will circulate your proposal to other City departments for review and comment.

Building Inspection (Duplex applications)

For applications related to an existing duplex, visit the Building Division at City Hall or call 604.927.5444 to arrange an inspection to certify compliance with the BC Building Code.

Additional fees will be associated with the inspection, as outlined in the Fees and Charges Bylaw.

Approval / Tentative Approval

Staff will forward a report to the Director of Development Services with a recommendation. The Strata Property Act requires the City to consider:

  • The priority of rental accommodation over privately owned housing in the area,
  • Any proposals for the relocation of persons occupying a residential building,
  • The life expectancy of the building,
  • Projected major increases in maintenance costs due to the condition of the building,
  • Any other matters that, in their opinion, is relevant.

The Director of Development Services may:

  • Approve the strata plan,
  • Approve the strata plan subject to terms and conditions (tentative approval),
  • Refuse to approve the strata plan, or
  • Refuse to approve the strata plan until terms and conditions imposed by the approving authority are met.

Once all conditions have been met and the strata plan is approved, the Director of Development Services will sign the strata plans to enable deposit at the Land Title Office.

Restrictive Covenant Registration

The City requires, as practice, the registration of a restrictive covenant to ensure a duplex unit may not be developed with a secondary suite. This covenant is required by the City as a condition of its approval of a Strata Title application.

Landscape Security

Prior to issuing a building permit, the City requires a landscape security to ensure the project complies with the approved DP landscape drawings in a timely manner.  Please refer to the Landscape Plan Requirements for detailed guidelines.

The landscape security, typically a Letter of Credit, is equal to 110% of the landscape estimate provided by the applicant. This amount is defined in the development permit documents. Please note that if you are building a duplex the landscape security deposit is $5000, not 110% of the landscape estimate.

Upon completion of the landscaping, the applicant may request an inspection and will be refunded 100% of the deposit if the landscaping is found to be complete.


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