Temporary Use Permits

A Temporary Use Permit allows temporary commercial and industrial uses not permitted by current zoning on a property.

A Temporary Use Permit can set specific guidelines for conditions of use and may be approved for a maximum of three years. The permit may be renewed only once for additional period of up to three years.

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Application Process

Submit a complete Temporary Use Permit application, including the application fee (see below) and a primary contact for all communications regarding the application. Staff are only able to accept complete applications.For more detailed information on requirements, consult the checklist attached to the permit application form.


It usually takes three to four months to obtain a decision on a temporary use permit application; the timing varies depending upon the complexity, comprehensiveness of the application, time to revise plans in response to identified issues and timing of Committee meetings.

Fees, Charges, and Security/Deposit

All application fees are outlined in Schedule D of the Fees and Charges Bylaw.

There may be legal costs associated with your Temporary Use Permit application. Restrictive covenants, statutory right-of-ways or other legal agreements and documents may be required.

Approval Process

The appointed Planning File Manager will circulate the application to staff in other departments and any other applicable outside agencies. The primary contact will be notified about any requests for information or revisions. Enquiries about the status of the application should be directed to the Planning File Manager.

Committee of Council

A staff report will be considered by the Committee of Council, which typically meets twice a month. The Committee of Council will either instruct the Corporate Officer to give notice pertaining to the temporary use in accordance with the Local Government Act, request further information, forward the application to Council for a decision, or refuse the application.

If the Committee of Council chooses to give notice of the application, the Committee will hear from anyone who wishes to provide comments at a subsequent meeting. The SCG will make a decision on the application after it closes the Public Meeting

Permit Registration

If SGC approves the temporary use permit, staff will prepare the Permit and Notice of Permit for signatures and registration at the Land Titles Office. You must register the signed Permit within one year of the date of approval.


Prior to issuing the Temporary Use Permit, the City may require a security deposit to ensure the terms of the permit are adhered to or the property is returned to its former state upon permit expiration, such as demolishing or removing a building. The security will be returned upon.


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