Filming locations abound in Port Coquitlam thanks to breathtaking natural vistas complimented by the original City Hall dating back to 1914 and an authentic heritage-themed downtown centre.

Over the years, Port Coquitlam has cooperated with numerous film companies to provide the ‘small town’ backdrop for television and motion pictures.

Since establishing a film policy and guidelines,  we have successfully coordinated shoots throughout the City. We work closely with film companies to provide a one-stop service to meet all your permitting and permissions requirements.

Key Locations

City Hall

It’s the administrative center of town, a big, handsome building right on Shaughnessy Street, the City’s main street. The original City Hall is a provincially designated heritage site dating back to 1914. The building was transformed in 1988 into a handsome blend of stone, brick and glass. City Hall sits within a small, pleasant and carefully tended park, surrounded by blossoming cherry trees, dogwoods, magnolias, and interesting flower gardens. Attractive tiled walks lead the stroller from point to point. The park pivots around a central point, a simple cenotaph bearing the names of Port Coquitlam’s deceased veterans of two world wars and a plaque commemorating the Korean War. To the right of City Hall is Leigh Square, recently upgraded to include a band shell, fountains, a sculpture court and seating areas.

Shaughnessy Street

It is the main road through town, connecting the North Side to the South Side. In the downtown core, Shaughnessy Street serves as an entrance to the City with broad and attractive sidewalks, planters and decorative lighting.

Other Attractions for Filming

Port Coquitlam has more parkland acreage per capita than any city in the Lower Mainland!

Lions Park

Located on Shaughnessy Street at Lions Way. It is much bigger than it appears from Shaughnessy Street as it broadens to a wide and beautiful green expanse with lots of tall trees providing shade and a colourful adventure playground for the younger children. Included in Lions Park is the RailSide Youth Park, the largest outdoor youth park in the Province of BC.

Gates Park

Slightly downstream from Lions Park on the Coquitlam River and is one of the largest parks in Port Coquitlam featuring first-class baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and an artificial turf field.

Aggie Park

Near the Lougheed Highway and has an outdoor pool.

Traboulay PoCo Trail

The unique trail completely encircles the town, with ever-changing views of city, river, farm, mountains, slough, residential developments, waterfront industry, railway works, old growth forest, parks and wildlife.

Filming In my Neighbourhood

The City of Port Coquitlam and the film industry acknowledges the disruption that can be caused and thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation, and for your support of the local film industry.

To help you prepare, here is what to expect when filming activities are taking place in your neighbourhood or when a film company wants to film on your property.

  • When film productions arrive at their filming site, they often come with a lot of people, trucks and equipment. Although the City works with film companies to limit the potential impact in your neighbourhood, it can often be somewhat invasive and require some changes in your daily routine.
  • Pedestrian and vehicle access in your area may be limited, before, during and after filming.
  • There can also be major street closures, intermittent traffic control, traffic and pedestrian delays, parking restrictions, increased noise, and additional light from the set lighting.

Neighbourhood Notification

A neighbourhood letter must be distributed to everyone in the vicinity of the film site to ensure local residents are aware of the disruption in the area. When residents and merchants are informed of the activities that will take place that allows everyone to anticipate and make adjustments for any changes to their neighbourhood and filming usually goes very smoothly.

My Property as a Film Location

Your property could have a starring role as a film location in a movie or TV series. Registration is easy and free! Simply register your property or business with Creative BC and create a digital photo file of your property. Complete details are on the Creative BC website. Creative BC promotes each registered property to the film industry while protecting your right to privacy.

Reel Green – Best Practices

Reel Green is an initiative introduced by Creative BC about sustainable practices in the film & television production industry to help improve their overall environmental footprint in reducing carbon gases. Film production companies applying for a filming permit in Port Coquitlam are encouraged to follow the Best Practices program associated to the Reel Green initiative. To find more information about Reel Green, please click here.


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