Cannabis Retail Sales

Canada’s Cannabis Act enables the use and retail sale of recreational cannabis.

After extensive public consultation, the City has adopted a policy and amended its bylaws to regulate cannabis sales in Port Coquitlam.

The new Cannabis Establishment Policy and regulations are intended to minimize the impact on the community by requiring proposed cannabis retail outlets to meet criteria including:

  • Approval through a site-specific rezoning process, which allows Council to consider potential impacts, receive community feedback and make decisions on a case-by-case basis;
  • Minimum distances from other cannabis outlets, and from schools, playgrounds and other locations; and
  • Building design, community consultation and other factors.

This is similar to the way the City carefully regulates the retail sale of liquor.

Cannabis Use: Did You Know?

The use of recreational cannabis in Port Coquitlam is governed by:

  • Provincial and federal regulations, summarized on this website.
  • The City’s smoking bylaw, which prohibits smoking and vaping, including cannabis, in places of assembly (e.g. a hall), parks and playgrounds, outdoor public spaces, at building entrances, near bus stops and other locations. Read Smoking Control Bylaw 4037.

Initial Application Review

The initial application window has now closed.

Complete rezoning application received by March 6th have been reviewed and evaluated concurrently based on the objectives and guidelines of the Cannabis Establishment Policy.

Committee of Council considered an initial assessment of these applications on on April 16th and authorized staff to proceed with detailed review of 4 applications. Further consideration of the remaining 14 applications has been deferred. The April 16th Committee report is available here. Minutes from the Committee meeting are available here.

The City will update this website with more information on the timing for further consideration of these applications as it becomes available.

Background and Consultation

The City conducted an extensive public consultation process in fall 2018 on the proposed policy and regulations.

Thank you to all who provided feedback in September. More than 800 community members and stakeholders took the online survey, attended the open house or provided written comments.

Why We Are Considering Cannabis Retail Sales in Port Coquitlam

After the Cannabis Act was enacted by the federal government on Oct. 17, 2018, it became legal to produce, distribute, sell and possess recreational cannabis throughout Canada. The Province of British Columbia has also adopted legislation that provides a framework for how cannabis uses will be regulated in B.C.

The City has the ability to determine whether to permit cannabis retail sales in our community, and to set regulations and restrictions.

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What if I Don’t Agree with the Legalization of Cannabis?

The legislation to legalize cannabis has been adopted by the federal government and has been in force since Oct. 17, 2018. The City’s role is limited to those powers that have been delegated to it by the Federal and Provincial Governments, including determining if and where retail stores and production facilities will be permitted in Port Coquitlam and under what conditions.

Thank you to those who providedfeedback on the proposal to permit and regulate cannabis retail sales within the City.


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