McAllister Avenue Reconstruction

The transformation of McAllister Avenue in 2021 and 2022 kickstarted and set the tone for upcoming projects to revitalize Port Coquitlam’s iconic downtown and improve public amenities in the Civic Centre.

McAllister Avenue – a key connector in the downtown – has been constructed into a lively, walkable tree-lined street that will draw people to the area to gather, shop, stroll and celebrate.

Project Details

A Distinctive Shared Street Design

The concept for McAllister Avenue is reminiscent of some of the world’s most memorable streets, which complement and promote the adjacent commercial uses and bustle with activity and excitement.

The updated streetscape include:

McAllister Streetscape 2

Streetscape Concept

  • A multi-use path and wide pedestrian concourse on the north side,
  • One-way east-bound traffic and angled parking to provide more space for those on foot and bicycle,
  • Upcoming development featuring engaging street-level building design with patios and storefronts that spill out onto the sidewalk,
  • A level street surface to create an open-air plaza for events,
  • Unique paving materials to designate walking, driving and parking areas,
  • A modern approach to utilities, including wires buried underground and sustainable drainage that directs rainwater toward street trees,
  • Trees, landscaping and furniture that can be removed during events,
  • Electrical hookups for entertainers and food trucks, and
  • As part of the downtown action plan a 2,500-square-foot plaza alongside the The Met housing-commercial project by Quarry Rock Developments (see below) and the planned Donald Pathway extension through the downtown.

The project is funded through the City’s capital budget, grant funds and developer fees, and the Federal Gas Tax Fund which is provided annually to support local infrastructure priorities. You can find further information about the Gas Tax Fund at

Project Benefits
  • Brings new and desired services and amenities to the downtown while complementing the area’s charm and character.
  • Stimulates the local economy by attracting visitors, shoppers and investment, and through construction and job creation.
  • Promotes alternative transportation options through its walkable and cyclable design and links to Donald Pathway, amenities and the trail network.
Project Timeline
  • Project planning: 2020
  • Project tendering/award: March-April 2021
  • Construction start: May 2021
  • Substantial completion: Spring 2022
The Met - Quarry Rock Development

A private housing and commercial project on McAllister Avenue by Quarry Rock Development will complement the City’s work on McAllister Avenue.

Construction began in June 2021 on a five-storey building at 2241-2251 McAllister Ave., the site of a City-owned parking lot and former commercial building.

The design will combine traditional and contemporary building features and use a mix of brickwork, steel, glass, colours and textures. The plans include:

  • 63 apartments ranging from 646 to 1,237 square feet and from one to three bedrooms, all with access to a balcony or patio
  • Almost 20,000 square feet of commercial space in seven street-level commercial units
  • Underground commercial and residential parking, and two rear loading bays
  • A 2,500-square-foot plaza that will border Donald Pathway and feature landscaping, street trees, decorative pavers and in-ground LED light strips
  • A fifth-floor outdoor common area for residents with seating, tables and children’s play space, adjacent to an indoor amenity space, and
  • Parking for 12 bicycles for shoppers and another six for residents

The project also meets the objectives of the City’s plans and regulations for downtown development, including meeting energy efficiency construction standards and incorporating low-flow fixtures, energy efficient features, building materials with low volatile organic compounds, roughed-in electric vehicle charging stations and other requirements.

Visit for more information about Quarry Rock Developments.

Supporting Businesses

Open-for-Business Sign

Throughout construction, the City will promote a “McAllister Avenue  is Open for Business” campaign directed to area shoppers and the community.

Additional supports for businesses include:

  • Prior to construction, the City and contractors met with businesses to understand their peak business times and delivery requirements, and timed construction to minimize impacts on business access when possible
  • “Businesses Are Open” signage has been posted to alert passersby and drivers that they can still visit stores and restaurants on the street 
  • The City has begun working with the Port Coquitlam Downtown Business Improvement Association on outreach and minimizing impacts to businesses
Other Impacts
  • Proper construction protocols will be followed and the contractors will keep the sites clean and safe
  • While dust, noise and vibration may occur when crews are working nearby, contractors will take steps to minimize these impacts
  • Construction noise should be expected between 7 am and 7 pm. Night work is not anticipated


Project Contact
Sarb Attwal
Manager of Engineering Projects
Tel 604.927.5226