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Effective December 2016, the City of Port Coquitlam became a “Living Wage Employer”. As a living wage employer, the City is committed to paying our direct employees, and contracted services employees a living wage.

The City has since adopted a policy that demonstrates our commitment to support healthy, thriving communities.

What is a living wage

The living wage is the hourly rate required to meet the basic needs of a family of four. It is calculated annually by the Living Wage for Families Campaign and is based on regional cost of living.

The living wage includes direct wages and the value of non-mandatory benefits, such as paid sick leave, employer-paid MSP premiums, and extended health benefits.

Who needs to pay a living wage

The City has established the following criteria to determine a service provider’s or sub-contractor’s eligibility under the Living Wage Policy.

  • The total annual value of the service contract must be greater than $25,000
  • An employee of a service provider or of its sub-contractor must perform services physically on City premises
  • Work must last longer than one continuous hour per occasion

Check if you pay a living wage

The Living Wage for Families Campaign provides an online tool for employers to calculate the living wage for their workplace, considering the total compensation package.

For concerns about non-compliance with our living wage standards, contact the Living Wage for Families Campaign (LWFC) at or 604.975.3347. We are committed to working in partnership with the LWFC and vendors to uphold these standards.

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