2017-2018 Capital Program

Fourteen kilometres of roadwork, three kilometres of new sidewalks, upgrades to Centennial Pool, a new Community Recreation Complex and other projects have been approved for Port Coquitlam’s 2017-2018 capital program.

The program will spend:

  • $29.2 million on upgrading roads, pipes and sidewalks
  • $72 million on the new 205,000-square-foot recreation complex
  • $7.4 million on upgrades to parks, technology and other infrastructure
  • $10.9 million on new projects

The figures reflect a decision by Council in May 2017 to spend $88,000 more in 2017 on road and pothole repairs and $500,000 more in 2018 on sidewalks, following public feedback about roads and sidewalks in the 2017-2018 budget survey.

Capital Program Highlights

The first two years of funding for the new Community Recreation Complex, featuring a leisure pool, three sheets of ice, library and multi-purpose spaces.

New sidewalks, a 215m extension of the Donald Street path, & other pedestrian/cycling projects.

Upgrading of Thompson Park fields and bleachers.

Rehabilitation of 14.2 kilometres of road and replacement of 13.6 kilometres of water, sewer and storm piping.

Rehabilitation of Centennial Pool to enhance both competitive and community use.

A variety of technology and software upgrades to improve efficiency and customer service.


Aside from the recreation complex, almost 80 per cent of the funds will go towards maintaining and rehabilitating existing infrastructure, primarily roads and underground pipes. This reflects not only technical data, but also public feedback received during budget consultation.

North-side roads are the target for the 2017 and 2018, based on a pavement study that mapped out how the city should prioritize its road renewals over the next five years to maximize the investment. The focus will continue to rotate to other areas, until roads across the city have been rehabilitated.

The more strategic, whole-city approach to capital spending was one of several recommendations of the Budget and Infrastructure (BIN) Committee, following a year-long review of the city’s capital planning process.

Other BIN Committee recommendations included:

  • Adopting the capital program several months earlier than usual, allowing Port Coquitlam to tender its projects before other cities, and
  • Switching to a two-year capital program, which allows for 2018 projects to be tendered in 2017, and enables each year’s projects to be completed over 12 months rather than the seven months following the city’s budget adoption in the spring.

Most of the funding for the 2017-2018 capital program will come from sources that will not result in a tax increase, such as grants, Development Cost Charges, capital reserve funds, the city’s long-term infrastructure fund and provincial Community Works Gas Tax revenue. In 2018, $16 million will be borrowed for the recreation complex (representing 13 per cent of the total 2017-2018 program).

Read the staff report to Council on the 2017-2018 capital program (PDF)

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