2018-2019 Budget

Port Coquitlam adopts two-year budgets for improved long-term planning, which means some budget decisions for 2018 took place as part of the 2017-18 operating budget adopted in May 2017.

Deliberations for this year’s operating and capital budgets primarily focus on new items related to emerging needs and changing conditions.

Budget Consultation:
Jan 22 to Feb 12

Council began its 2018 budget deliberations in December 2017 with meetings that were open to the public.

Public consultation on the proposed budget took place until February 12, 2018 and included the following:

  • Budget at a Glance mailout with survey, delivered to properties
Draft Budget Details


The draft 2018-2019 budget maintains the City’s focus on infrastructure, community livability and building a new Community Recreation Complex.

Planned activities include:

  • Expanding Terry Fox Library hours to include all Sundays, except for long weekends
  • Moving to the regional E-Comm emergency radio communications system for fire calls
  • Developing a marketing plan for the city`s arts, culture and recreation services
  • Hosting the third annual PoCo Grand Prix
  • Coordinating the municipal and school board election
  • Implementing new software to improve records management
  • Funding for two new firefighters to keep up with increasing call volumes
  • Providing support for PoCo Sports Alliance service delivery and community sport development
  • Developing a new community garden with participation by people of all ages
  • Expanding of the Pianos on the Street program
  • Updating the Environmental Strategic Plan
  • Development of the Northside Commercial Plan


Factors Affecting the Budget


 Current Council Priorities: 

  • Infrastructure: Maximizing the life of infrastructure assets and saving for their replacement.
  • Community Recreation Complex: Building a vibrant new hub in downtown Port Coquitlam with new and enhanced amenities.
  • Community livability: Planning for the future, supporting public safety, and promoting community involvement.

Other Factors: 


  • $349,000 in savings and efficiencies.
  • Construction of the Community Recreation Complex.
  • The ongoing need to invest in and save for the replacement of infrastructure such as roads, pipes and buildings.
  • Ongoing costs associated with seven new RCMP officers in the last two years.
  • Costs associated with five new firefighters last year and two this year.


  • Increased revenue from new construction.
  • Inflationary pressures.
  • Increased costs from labour contracts (e.g. CUPE and IAFF).
  • Rising water and sewer fees from Metro Vancouver.
Where Your Taxes Go


Monthly Cost of City Services


Overview of City Spending


Taxpayer Impact


Port Coquitlam taxpayers pay separate tax and utility bills, but the numbers are shown together in these charts to show the full impact.

How to Read the Charts:

  • Property Tax: Represents the City’s portion of taxes. The property tax bill will also include regional and provincial taxes (e.g. schools, TransLink, Metro Vancouver).
  • Water and Sewer Levy: Flat user fees based on the services provided to a property. These will appear on the spring utility bill.
  • Solid Waste Levy: A flat user fee based on the services provided to a property, included on the property tax bill. (Note: The charts below do not reflect the townhouse and apartment properties receiving City solid waste services. Those properties will also see a solid waste levy on their tax bill).
  • Parcel Tax: A $25 flat amount applied to every property from 2017 to 2020 for the Community Recreation Complex project. Calculated separately from taxes but also included on the property tax bill.

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Property Tax Impact



Assessed values for Port Coquitlam homes rose an average of 11.35% in 2018. But that doesn’t mean your taxes will go up11.35%.

Two key points:

  1. Housing values do not affect how much the City needs to collect in taxes. As values rise, the tax rate will go down to compensate (and vice versa).
  2. What does affect your tax increase is how the change to your home’s assessed value compared to the average change in your property class (as shown in the diagram). Your assessment notice will show how much your home’s assessed value has changed.
Proposed Enhancements & Savings




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Call 604.927.5280 with comments or questions

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Drop off your survey at City Hall

Business Plans

Department business plans form the basis for each new budget. Click to download all plans (PDF), or download individual plans below.

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