2020-2021 Capital Program

Port Coquitlam’s 2020-2021 capital plan represents the City’s largest one-time investment in neighbourhood infrastructure rehabilitation to date, following through on City Council’s focus on “getting the basics right.”

About $26 million – half of the core $52.7-million 2020-2021 capital plan approved by the Committee of Council on Nov. 12 – will be dedicated to upgrading road and utilities infrastructure in Port Coquitlam neighbourhoods.

The plan also includes funding for parks and playgrounds, sidewalks, multi-use paths, pedestrian safety and traffic calming measures, streetlights, downtown streetscape improvements, lane paving, the completion of the Port Coquitlam Community Centre and other key infrastructure projects.

It continues the two-year format introduced in 2017 that has enabled Port Coquitlam to obtain competitive pricing and complete projects on time.

2020 Capital Plan

Previously approved 2020 Budget – $24.4 million


Construction of new Community Centre

Year 3 of four-year program to convert streetlights to LED

Upgrades of Fortress Park and Settlers Park playgrounds

Sidewalks, pedestrian and active transportation upgrades, traffic calming

4.6 km of road rehabilitation plus 3.6 km of utility works


Improvements to PoCoMAP online map

New community garden and Lions Park Whimsical Garden

New waterslide stairs and pool tile at Hyde Creek 

One-time 2020 Enhancements

An additional $716,400 in one-time enhancements will take place in 2020, primarily funded through accumulated surplus, including:

  • Pilot tax and utility payments at recreation facilities during busy periods,
  • Renewal of the Master Transportation Plan,
  • Review of policing services, and
  • SkyTrain feasibility study.

2021 Capital Plan

2021 Budget – $28.3 million


Completion of new Community Centre

5 km of road rehabilitation plus 5 km of utility works

New streetlights and completion of city-wide LED conversion

Sidewalks, pedestrian and active transportation upgrades, traffic calming

Playground, parks and trail upgrades


Extension of Donald Pathway into downtown

Streetscape improvements along Prairie and McAllister Avenues

Waste carts and locks

One-time 2021 Enhancements

An additional $494,400 in one-time enhancements is approved for 2021, including funding for a climate change adaptation strategy.

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