Local Area Service Improvements

Port Coquitlam’s Local Area Service program allows property owners to partially fund infrastructure improvement projects on their block if they want them to be constructed faster than is planned in the City’s capital plan.

Examples of common Local Area Service improvements include road and lane paving, storm sewers, sidewalks and traffic calming measures.

Local Area Service projects are usually considered by all property owners within a block, and constructed in segments that are one block long. They are not normally considered for only portions of a block.

An exception to this would be on blocks where some of the street already has curb and gutter, and the Local Area Service project is completing the curb and gutter for the block.

See below for more information about the program and how to initiate a project.

Local Area Service Process 

  1. Start by talking to neighbours to see if there is interest in considering the local improvement project.
  2. If neighbours show interest, resident representatives will conduct and submit a Public Opinion Survey to the Engineering Division. The City will provide the resident representative with the survey document to distribute that includes the LAS information, a signature form, and an approximate cost estimate. Fill out the form below to initiate the process.
  3. If the survey shows at least 50% are interested, the City will obtain a detailed cost estimate for the work.
  4. The City will then mail out an Official Petition to each property owner in the area involved, including the cost allocated to each property.
  5. The Official Petition will be certified if at least 50% of property owners, representing at least 50% of the assessed value in the subject area, are in favour of the work.
  6. If the petition is certified, City staff provide a report to Council showing the results.
  7. If Council approves the project, the work is tendered and awarded to a contractor.
  8. In the year following construction, the City will send the owner of each property an invoice for their share of the cost. They can either pay the lump sum or opt for payment, with interest, over 15 years added to their annual property tax bill.

Residents can view the Local Improvement bylaw here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much neighbourhood support is required?

The Community Charter requires a minimum of 50% of property owners, representing a minimum of 50% of land values sign a petition, for a Local Area Service project to be considered.

What is a Local Area Service Project?

The cost of a Local Area Service (LAS) project can vary significantly from block to block. City staff will provide an approximate cost with the Public Opinion Survey to determine if there is initial support from  homeowners on a block for a LAS project. 

If there is majority interest, the City will obtain a detailed cost estimate for the work to provide with the Official Petition. The petition will quote the cost allocated to each property so that property owners can decide whether or not to support the project.

What percentage do property owners pay?

Please see Port Coquitlam Bylaw No. 2804, Schedule A for details. The portion of cost charged to benefiting properties is:

  • Roads = 50%
  • Storm Sewers = 33%
  • Sidewalks = 25-75%
  • Lanes = 90%
How are costs attributed to properties along a block?

Property owners are charged based on the length of the frontage of their property.

What are the repayment options for property owners?

For Local Area Service projects that go forward, each property owner has the option of paying their share of the cost up front as a lump sum, or in payments (interest and principle) over time (typically a 15-year period).

How are Local Area Service projects prioritized?

There are two considerations:

  • Coordination with other City infrastructure work in the vicinity.
  • On a first-come, first-served basis.
I already have the improvement on my property. Will I still get charged?

In cases where a property already has the improvement in place, the owners of that property will not be included in the petition process, and will not be assessed any of the costs of Local Area Service project. 

Request a Local Service Area Project

Please read this webpage before completing this form. The person noted below will serve as the neighbourhood representative (see Process section above).

Local Service Area Project Request Form
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Processing time is typically 2-4 weeks but varies depending on the number of proposals received. Proposals are reviewed in the order they are received. 


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