McAllister Pedestrian Bridge Replacement

To improve a key pedestrian route in Port Coquitlam, the City is planning the replacement of the McAllister Pedestrian Bridge. The City invests in projects that encourage residents to choose an active mode of transportation, such as walking, cycling or rolling. Pedestrian safety concerns are taken seriously, and the City is continually making improvements through infrastructure upgrades, as well as enforcement and education.

McAllister Pedestrian Bridge is an 80.5m three-span pedestrian bridge on driven steel piles that was constructed over the Coquitlam River in 1982. The bridge provides an important pedestrian connection to the Traboulay Trail, City of Coquitlam and downtown Port Coquitlam.


Project Information

The project includes the replacement of the existing McAllister Bridge with a wider structure to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists. The new bridge will have an 86-meter clear span between two banks. Steel girders of variable depths will support a durable concrete deck. There will be an integration of wood fairing along both sides of the bridge to reduce the bulky appearance of the steel girders. Custom handrails with stainless steel cable nets, and timber handrails have also been included to enhance the appearance of the bridge. For safer crossing after dark, the bridge will be fully illuminated by luminaires.

The project is funded through the City’s capital budget, grant funds and developer fees. The City has given notice of application to the Minister of Transport, pursuant to the Canadian Navigable Waters Act for approval of the work described herein and its site and plans.

Computer renders of the proposed bridge replacement.


For the installation of the new McAllister Pedestrian Bridge, steel piles must be driven into the ground to support the planned structure. All piling-driving activities will be conducted during the daytime hours incompliance with municipal bylaws.

Construction Impacts

While there will be some inconvenience caused by the construction work, the City will be working closely with the contractor to minimize the impact on those living and working adjacent to the construction area. The pedestrian bridge team will work to minimize the impact of noise and vibration on nearby businesses, residents, and historical structures.

Residents living and working in the area may occasionally hear noise, and feel vibrations depending on their proximity to the construction area. Monitoring equipment will be installed in the area to maintain acceptable levels of activity.

Project Timeline

Project anticipated for 2025/2026 construction. Please check back for further updates.


Engineering & Public Works
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Location and Mailing Address

City Hall Annex (Beside City Hall)
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