Sidewalks and Pedestrian Safety

The City is investing in projects that encourage residents to get out of their cars and choose an active mode of transportation through walking, cycling or rolling. We also take pedestrian safety concerns seriously and are making improvements through a combination of enforcement, education and infrastructure solutions.

Projects we are building to improve connectivity, access and safety for residents include: sidewalks, enhanced crosswalks, pedestrian-activated signals, streetlights and transit stop improvements (shelters, benches, wheelchair/pedestrian landing areas).

Residents may request sidewalk and pedestrian safety projects using the form below.

These projects are in addition to the City’s other investments in active transportation through its extensive trail and pathway network, cycling and multi-use paths, and traffic calming program to address speeding concerns.

Project Planning

Roads must be shared between vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. When designing Port Coquitlam’s road network, the City must consider their competing needs for access, flow and safety.

Like most cities, Port Coquitlam complies with engineering design guidelines from the Transportation Association of Canada.

Click to view current and past pedestrian safety projects.

Sidewalk Program

The City’s strategy for selecting new sidewalk projects is based on the Master Transportation Plan, along with input from residents and Council. They are prioritized based on factors such as:

  • Location in high-volume pedestrian areas, e.g. near schools, parks, facilities and commercial areas
  • Streets with high traffic volumes or speeds
  • Lack of any sidewalk on the street
  • Multiple resident requests for the same location
  • Gaps in otherwise continuous sections of sidewalk
  • Whether the project meets the criteria for external funding

Projects that meet multiple criteria are prioritized over others.

​Other Infrastructure

In addition to sidewalks, the City funds other projects that improve pedestrian safety, visibility and access. Examples include curb extensions and crosswalks, pedestrian flashing beacons, streetlights and bus stop improvements.

Projects are prioritized based on factors such as:

  • Number of complaints
  • Road classification (width, traffic volume and speed)
  • Risk
  • Proximity to schools, parks, bus stops, commercial or high-density development
  • Coordination with other capital projects

Projects that meet multiple criteria are prioritized over others.

Project Funding

Pedestrian safety projects are funded by the City’s capital budget or constructed as part of new development projects. Other sources of funding:

  • ICBC contributes funding for pedestrian safety improvement projects through its Road Improvement Program.
  • Coast Mountain Bus Company contributes 50% of the project funding for wheelchair/pedestrian landing areas at bus stops..
  • TransLink contributes funding for sidewalk projects that meet regional transportation objectives.

The City also promotes road safety through initiatives with others such as the: Tri-Cities Speed Watch, RCMP, Community Police, HUB Cycling and SD43.

Request Improvements

We continue to hear strong feedback from the community on the need for sidewalk and pedestrian safety improvements.

Please fill out the form below to initiate a request for additional improvements.

Sidewalks and Pedestrian Safety Improvement Request Form
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Proposals are reviewed in the order they are received.


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