Citizens Roundtables

Port Coquitlam values the input and expertise of our residents. Through the citizen roundtables below, the City provides opportunities for community members to directly impact decisions that affect Port Coquitlam programs, services and other aspects of civic life. 

Cultural Roundtable

A network of Port Coquitlam arts, cultural and heritage groups that come together to share resources and seek opportunities to collaborate and grow, with support from the city. Development of the roundtable began in fall 2016.

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Roundtable

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Roundtable (EDI Roundtable) acts as a resource for the City of Port Coquitlam on promoting diversity, eliminating discrimination and engaging in community dialogue and action. The EDI Roundtable represents a diverse cross-section of citizen stakeholders whose lived experiences promote and enable a rich and deeper understanding and dialogue on important equity, diversity and inclusion issues and opportunities.

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Mayor’s Citizen Advisory Roundtable

Life-long Port Coquitlam resident Mayor Brad West knows the value of neighbours coming together to discuss their community. Since being elected in October 2018, he has established an open-door approach to engaging the community.

Mayor West created the Mayor’s Citizen Advisory Roundtable to create a forum for Mayor and Council to:

  • hear from members of the community
  • exchange ideas about how to address challenges, and
  • seek input on a variety of topics, from budgets to City projects and community development

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