Committee of Council

Committee of Council will replace all previous committees. All city matters requiring a Council decision will now first be discussed by Committee of Council, which will either request changes or further information, or send them on to Council for a formal decision. This committee structure is common in many other cities and helps streamline the decision-making process.

To ensure Council members can continue to have a voice on championing key issues, they will be appointed as Council designates for the following areas:

  • Cllr. Steve Darling: community safety (bylaw enforcement, fire, RCMP, emergency preparedness).
  • Cllr. Laura Dupont:  environment, climate action, parks.
  • Cllr. Nancy McCurrach: arts, culture and heritage.
  • Cllr. Darrell Penner: public works and transportation.
  • Cllr. Glenn Pollock: housing, sports and recreation.
  • Cllr. Dean Washington: budget and finance and vice-chair of Committee of Council.
  • Mayor Brad West: development, planning, downtown and economic development.

Council & Committee Meetings

There will also be some changes to the meeting schedules. Committee of Council meetings will start at 2 pm and take place the first four Tuesdays of the month.

Council meetings also start one hour earlier at 6 pm with public hearings, and take place every second and fourth Tuesday of the month.

Time-stated community advisory groups or task forces will also be created on an as needed basis to deal with emerging or key community issues.