Board of Variance

The Board of Variance is an appeal body consisting of five appointed members who hear and then decide upon variances to the Zoning Bylaw of the City of Port Coquitlam. The Board of Variance provides citizens with an avenue for appeal on the interpretation and the strict application of certain local government provisions and regulations in specific circumstances defined in the legislation. The Board of Variance functions independently from City Council and has its own authority under the Local Government Act.


The Board of Variance is not an appeal board for local government policy decisions, and it cannot replace decisions of elected officials. The Board is confined to considering variances that will not impact adversely upon a policy decision or change the intent of the Bylaws adopted by City Council.

Variances can be granted respecting bylaw requirements for the siting, dimensions, or size of buildings. In some special cases general regulations or ones prohibiting structural changes in a non-conforming building or requiring services upon subdivision may result in an undue hardship, if applied to a particular site. A person may appeal to the Board for a variance only if the application of these general regulations to his or her particular site would impose such a hardship.

For complete details refer to Bylaw No. 3105.

Categories of Appeal to Boards of Variance

There are five categories of appeal:

  • relaxation of zoning regulations
  • extension of non-conforming uses
  • relaxation of servicing requirements
  • reconstruction of a nonconforming building
  • relaxation of tree protection requirements

City Appointed Representatives


  • E. Balzer
  • R. Marie
  • D. Stanbrook
  • M. Vogel
  • D. Winter


Carolyn Deakin
Secretary to the Board of Variance
Tel 604.927.5212