Advisory Committees

Budget and Infrastructure Committee

This advisory committee to the Finance and Budget Committee is dedicated to seeking opportunities to improve the City’s budgeting process and developing a long-range plan and funding model for capital projects and infrastructure renewal.

Council Representatives

Councillor Dean Washington (Chair)

Mayor Greg Moore
Councillor Laura Dupont
Councillor Mike Forrest
Councillor Darrell Penner
Councillor Glenn Pollock
Councillor Brad West

City Representatives

Karen Grommada, Director of Finance

Continuous Improvement Assessment Committee

This advisory committee to the Finance and Budget Committee oversees in-depth reviews of City services called Continuous Improvement Assessments.

The purpose of the reviews is to support a high level of internal operating rigour by identifying opportunities for improved efficiency and effectiveness. The reviews are conducted by staff in conjunction with citizen advisors with relevant private-sector expertise.

Council Representatives

Mayor Greg Moore
Councillor Dean Washington

City Representatives (ongoing members of review team)

John Leeburn, Chief Administrative Officer