Council & Committee Meetings

Port Coquitlam City Council holds regular meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, excluding August (when no meetings are scheduled) and December (when only one meeting is scheduled).

Regular meetings are open to the public and are held at 6 pm in the Council Chambers on the third floor of City Hall, 2580 Shaughnessy Street.

  • Council meeting agendas are posted by noon on the Friday prior to a Tuesday meeting.
  • Council meeting minutes are posted only after they have been adopted at the next regular Council meeting.
  • Go to Committee of Council for Council standing committee agendas and minutes.

Council & Committee Meetings

Public Input

The City solicits feedback from the public throughout the year and encourages the community to participate. Opportunities for public input include:

  • Attending Council meetings and participating in the question period following every meeting.
  • Appearing as a delegation at a Council meeting.
  • Attending public hearings or public input opportunities mandated by the Local Government Act or Community Charter, such as for a zoning amendment or liquor licensing. Council may also request
  • Participating in meetings and surveys that are conducted on a variety of issues throughout the year to obtain the public’s perspective on a matter prior to a City or Council decision.
Open Question Period

The following will be the guidelines for the Open Question Period held at the conclusion of regular Council meetings:

  1. The Open Question Period will commence after the adjournment of the regular Council meeting.
  2. A maximum time of 20 minutes for questions from the press and public will be permitted; subject to curtailment at the discretion of the Chair if other business necessitates.
  3. Questions may be asked of any Council member, but directed through the Chair.
  4. Questions must be truly questions and not statements or opinions by the questioner.
  5. Not more than 4 separate questions per questioner will be allowed.
  6. Questions from each member of the attending press will be allowed preference prior to proceeding to the public.
  7. The Chair will recognize the questioner and will direct questions to the Councillor or staff member whom he/she feels is best able to reply.
  8. More than one Councillor or staff member may reply if he/she  feels he/she has something to contribute.

NOTE:  The Open Question Period will not be held during the 6 week period immediately preceding the Municipal Election.


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