Public Hearings

Public hearings are a formal process held by City Council to receive public input on development projects that require amendments to the Zoning Bylaw or Official Community Plan.

Public hearings take place between the second and third readings of a bylaw amendment, and are usually held at        6 pm at the beginning of a regular Council meeting.

The public may also submit written correspondence, which will form part of the record.

February 26, 2019 - Public Input Opportunity

Development Variance Permit – 1244-1248 Pitt River Road

Report to Committee of Council

Development Variance Permit – 1485 Coast Meridian Road, Taylight Brewing

Report to Committee of Council

Development Variance Permit – 550 Sherling Place, Tinhouse Brewing

Report to Committee of Council

Development Variance Permit – 570 Sherling Place, Northpaw Brew

Report to Committee of Council

What is the notification process?


Notice of the time and place of each public hearing is placed in two consecutive issues of the local newspaper and includes information about the general intent of the proposed bylaws and the property address.

The notice is also posted on the notice board in front of City Hall, and is sent to the owners and occupants of properties within 120 metres of the boundaries of the subject property.

Where do I get information about the bylaw?

Copies of the proposed bylaw and the relevant background reports can be reviewed without an appointment at the Corporate Office at City Hall during regular business hours.

Questions about the proposed bylaw and its development application should be directed to Development Services at 604.927.5244.

What happens at a public hearing?


At public hearings with a large number of speakers, those who wish to speak may be asked to sign a list upon arrival.

All public hearings follow the same procedure:

  • The Mayor reads an opening statement to the public, indicating what will happen next.
  • The Corporate Officer informs Council of any written submissions received prior to the public hearing.
  • The Director of Development Services gives a descriptive overview of what is proposed by the bylaw.
  • The applicant is given an opportunity to comment on the application.
  • Members of the public are invited to make verbal submissions.
  • The speakers then indicate whether or not they support the bylaw and why.
  • Speakers may also present written submissions to the Corporate Officer.
  • Members of Council may ask questions at any time but will not speak their views or debate the bylaw.
  • When there is no one else wishing to speak, the public hearing is then closed.
  • There may be more than one public hearing held on the same night.


How do I make a written submission?

Those with written submissions are encouraged to submit to by noon on the Monday before the public hearing. However, they can still be submitted on the day of the public hearing.  All written submissions are available to the public.

Corporate Office is on the third floor of City Hall
2580 Shaughnessy Street, Port Coquitlam, V3C 2A8
Tel 604.927.5421

What happens after the public hearing is closed?

After a public hearing is closed, Council is not permitted to listen to any further delegations or receive any written submissions on the same bylaw.

Usually, Council will consider third reading of the bylaw on the same night as the public hearing, but may postpone the vote to a future Council meeting and/or request additional information from staff.

At third reading of the bylaw, Council decides whether it wishes to proceed with the bylaw, make changes to the bylaw, or not proceed.


Corporate Office
Tel 604.927.5421

Location and Mailing Address

2nd Floor, City Hall
2580 Shaughnessy Street
Port Coquitlam BC
V3C 2A8

Business Hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm 
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