Every four years, Port Coquitlam voters go to the polls to elect a mayor, six councillors and two school trustees.

It’s important to vote. City councils and school boards make decisions every day that affect our property taxes, development in our community, the City services we use and our children’s school.

Are you eligible to vote?

You may vote in a BC local election as a resident elector if you are:

  • 18 years of age or more on election day
  • A Canadian citizen
  • A resident of BC for at least six months immediately before the day you register to vote
Important Dates

Aug. 30

  • Start of candidate nomination period  9am
  • Mail ballot registration begins.

Sep.  9

  • Close of candidate nomination period 4pm

    Sep. 13 

    • Deadline for challenging nominations and elector organization endorsements 4pm

    Sep. 15

    • Campaign signs can go up as of 7am

    Sep. 16

    • Deadline for:
      • withdrawing as a candidate
      • withdrawing endorsement for a candidate and
      • submitting originals of emailed nominations to Election Office

    Sep. 19

    • Official declaration of election 4pm

    Oct. 3

    Oct.  5

    • Advance Voting Day, The Outlet, 8am-8pm

    Oct.  8

    • Advance Voting Day, Hyde Creek Centre, 8am-8pm
    • Opening mail ballot certification, 10am City Hall.

    Oct. 15

    • Voting Day, 8am-8pm, preliminary results 8:30-9pm
    • Close of mail ballot registration 12pm.

    Oct. 17

    • Review of Official results 10am
    • Declaration of Official Election results 4pm

    Oct. 24

    • Last day to apply for judicial recount.

    Nov. 8

    • Inaugural council meeting, Port Coquitlam Community Centre (Mabbett Hall) 6pm

    Jan. 13

    • Deadline for filing “Campaign Financing Disclosure Statements”. (Must be filed by all Candidates who ran in 2022 Election and Elector Organizations) to Elections BC or will be disqualified in the next election.


    Carolyn Deakin, Chief Election Officer
    Tel. 604.927.5212
    Vanessa Washington, Deputy Election Officer
    Tel. 604.927.5332
    Email: electionoffice@portcoquitlam.ca

    Location and Mailing Address

    Second Floor, City Hall,
    2580 Shaughnessy Street
    Port Coquitlam BC  V3C 2A8

    Business Hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays)