2018 Election Candidates

Mayor (One to be elected)

Patrick Alambets

After the prohibition of a year’s length from city council meetings to protect the sensibilities of the Mayor (name suppressed per City of Port Coquitlam rule) and the facade of Councillor comity, I shunned the members of Council and attended no meetings. Only the affair of (name suppressed per City of Port Coquitlam rule) and the theft of $175,000 motivated me to return. My Freedom of Information request on the forensic or other financial investigation of this theft was denied which I have appealed to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner to which appeal I have received no reply. In spite of a decade of frustration in my dealings with the City Councillors and three failed mayoralty runs I am running again. (The following was written when I thought only two people were running) Even a paragon of Port Coquitlam virtue does not merit acclamation. The situation has changed; my sentiment, not. Re-elect the incumbents; make one of them mayor, if you deserve them.

Nomination Papers

Eric Hirvonen

Having the one goal of fairness to all and some humor as a priority is illustrated on YOUTUBE “Pocovotes”.  Living in a community is to have real sense of security in having an honest representation in the city administration activities , a scant few are aware that the water meter incentive is now based in bylaw # 3935 “Water Meters 4. 2) (excerpt) …a Meter may be installed  on any water service to residential premises whenever and wherever…(end excerpt)

That is the set-up against PoCo residents freedom to in-place and established water infrastructure  and therein is the basis of the one platform of “ Change Within City Council” to effect true residential representation and change of bylaw # 3935 to have exemption from water metering on residential water use.

Nomination Papers

Robin Smith

Hi, my name is Robin Smith. I am 58 years old and married with 3 kids. I’m a volunteer at St. Paul’s Advocacy in the West End. While it may be logical to start as a councillor to learn the ropes, I want to do things, which in my opinion must be the mayor who initiates. There must be some realization from politicians that: No! there is no such thing as a money tree. The first thing I will do is to try to stop that $48,000 transition allowance for the outgoing mayor, and if that fails, stop it from ever happening again. The second is to cancel the raise council gave themselves, to offset a new tax. Thirdly, there will be a charge to the schoolboard of $1,000-$1,500 for every international student. They can well afford it; have you seen their salaries? Oh yeah, on a sidetrack, congrats to the winners in the school board on your free trip to China.

Something must be done about the huge salaries of bureaucrats. Let me serve notice that you will no longer get rich working for the city of Port Coquitlam. Find a job within a private company, but don’t take from the taxpayer.

Lastly, to help the housing crisis we find ourselves in, only Canadian citizens will be able to buy in Port Coquitlam. Foreign owners will find a tax on their properties, as well as a hefty increase on their utility bill. Now if all goes well, it will mean a decrease on Canadian citizens’ utility bills. It will be set up much like the grants on the property tax statements.

Now these promises can only be fulfilled if you elect people who put your needs and financial concerns first.

Nomination Papers

Brad West

A life-long resident of Port Coquitlam, Brad West was first elected to Council in 2008. He was re-elected in 2011 and 2014, receiving the most votes of all candidates both times.

Brad has been a leader on City Council for 10 years by actively listening to the concerns of residents, bringing forward common sense solutions and never being afraid to stand up for our people. He has never forgotten who he works for: you.

Now he is running for Mayor to ensure our community continues to be a great place to live and raise a family.

Brad lives in PoCo with his wife Blaire. Last year the couple welcomed their first child, Liam. Becoming a Dad motivates Brad every day to make Port Coquitlam a place future generations will be proud to call home.

With a young son, a mortgage and the costs of raising a family, Brad understands first hand the challenges facing many people in our community. He is in touch with the lives of regular people because he is one.

He is a graduate of the University of Victoria, St. Francis Xavier University and recently completed a program in Leadership at Harvard University.

Brad has the leadership skills, ideas, experience and energy to build on our city’s strengths; take action on the challenges we face; and make Port Coquitlam an even better place to call home.

Find out more at bradwest.ca or email vote@bradwest.ca

Nomination Papers

Councillor (Six to be elected)

Dawn Becker

We live in a beautiful small city bordered by rivers and mountains. Managing our growth within these natural barriers is important if we want to maintain that small city feeling.

With the benefit of 21 years living in Port Coquitlam, I have observed many changes in our community. We have the opportunity to position Port Coquitlam for the future – for the future of the young families who choose to make PoCo their home, for the active living community who choose to remain in Poco and for the businesses who support, sustain and invest in this community.

Managed growth, a downtown core that serves business and residents, and continued focus on environmental and transportation issues will help to ensure our city remains versatile, viable, and vibrant. Employing a range of approaches to maintain balance, seek win-win solutions and maximize opportunities allows City Council to strengthen the pillars of people, (community), product (business) and place (environment).

Key points about me:

  • With the IWA-Forest Industry Pension and Long Term Disability Plans for 17 years
  • Is the immediate past President and Chair of the Board of Directors for the International Association of Administrative Professionals
  • Has held positions in non-profit, for-profit and government-owned organizations
  • Possesses strong leadership, strategic thinking and communication skills
  • Experienced with developing budgets and monitoring financial positions to meet established goals
  • An informed and balanced decision-maker
  • Achievement oriented
  • Citizen Advisor on the Port Coquitlam Transportation, Safety and Public Works Committee
  • Active volunteer with the City of Port Coquitlam, United Way and other agencies.

As a City Councillor and strong advocate for our beautiful city, I will serve the citizens of Port Coquitlam with commitment, empathy, and integrity.

Nomination Papers

David Blaber

Having lived in Port Coquitlam for the last three years and worked here for the past 12, I’ve seen a lot of our city and how much it has to offer. I want to contribute to this town that is our home by representing you as one of our six City Councillors. I am passionate about running for City Council because I strongly believe that everyone has the right to their basic needs for living. I believe having these needs met allows the people of our community to flourish along with our city.

Port Coquitlam is a diverse and welcoming community, yet also a community facing inequalities. Unequal distribution of services, of parks and their quality, of transit, pay and wealth. These combined with unsustainable home prices, rents and property taxes have many of us feeling the struggle to save money and live the lives we want. It’s preventing us from spending the money we’ve made here in PoCo and putting it back into our local economy.

It is extremely important to me to be a voice for PoCo so that, together, we can do more than survive -we can thrive.

My vision includes having affordable housing and rent as the foundation for a healthier and diverse community. It also involves having options for affordable childcare and caregiver relief. Workers should have access to wages that support a balanced life. As well, people having access to resources like training and tools goes hand in hand with this vision.

There is power in having the support that we need to not just live, but to live meaningfully. There is still so much room to grow for this city and so much we can do for each other in it.

Your Neighbour,
David Blaber.

Nomination Papers

Steve Darling

I’m Steve Darling and I am proudly running for City Councillor in Port Coquitlam. My wife Jen grew up in Port Coquitlam and I moved to the Tri-Cities in 2006. Jen and I are very proud to be raising our children Hayley and Hunter in this beautiful city.

Some of you may recognize me from my time on Global which was a big part of my life for 20 years. I am very proud of the stories I told: fighting for the little guy who, in these crazy times, had their voice lost in conversation. I want to make sure this doesn’t keep happening. One of the greatest lessons that I learned from being in the journalism industry is how to be a good listener.

Some of the issues I am passionate about:

  • Revitalizing the downtown core by welcoming and supporting new businesses.

This will provide more options for families to spend their hard-earned money in their own city.

  • Having a family member who was the victim of a violent crime in Port Coquitlam, I am passionate about making every single resident feel safe in our city.
  • Affordable housing options for families in Port Coquitlam. We need to work with developers to build the right kind of housing for a growing community.
  • As a coach for Poco Soccer, Hockey and Lacrosse, I want to better utilize the outdoor space that Port Coquitlam has to offer. Hosting major sporting events and tournaments can bring an economic benefit to our city.

If elected I will be a loud confident voice that will be heard by asking the tough questions and fighting to make this city an even better place to live, work and play. I want to hear from you, the residents of Port Coquitlam because I believe together we can achieve great things.

Nomination Papers

Robert DelaGiroday

Visit www.facebook.com/PoCo2018 for more details, or if you have questions.

As a new father, family is everything to me.  I want to ensure Port Coquitlam is a safe and prosperous community for my baby Lillie, and for everyone who lives here.

I will bring fresh eyes, ideas and enthusiasm to Council; but I also bring experience as a Social Worker, as an Investigator, and as someone who has created and implemented policies that have benefited British Columbians and made government more efficient.

Business Development:  Port Coquitlam is a unique community within the Lower Mainland.  We have a responsibility to preserve the community feel of PoCo, while at the same time encouraging prosperity for our local residents and businesses. Through responsible zoning, licensing and business practices, the city can make this an attractive place for local business owners and patrons.  When our local businesses prosper, we all prosper; employment increases, our streets become more vibrant, and the dark corners where poverty and drugs and petty crime seep in become smaller and smaller.  Prosperity makes Port Coquitlam a safer and more welcoming community.

Housing and Poverty: Agencies like MCFD, BC Housing, Social Development, and CLBC are mandated to provide services to our most vulnerable citizens.  We pay for these services through PST and income taxes.  As a Councillor, I will ensure that our city government advocates with these agencies and holds them accountable, so that they provide adequate services for those at risk.

Development and the Environment:  Port Coquitlam is beautiful because of its relationship between community and nature. It is the responsibility of our city government to work closely with commercial and residential developers to ensure that any future development is responsible to maintaining our natural beauty; so that our parks, trails and green spaces are not encroached upon.

Nomination Papers

Erhan Demirkaya

My name is Erhan Demirkaya. For the past fifteen years my wife and two children have been proud to call Port Coquitlam home. We chose to raise our children here, volunteer in the community and open our business right here in beautiful, multi-cultural Port Coquitlam.

For the past fourteen years, I have been the owner and operator Kaya Distribution distributing 3 major newspapers offering employment to 60 independent contractors in our community.

I have spent three years volunteering and coaching with the Minnekhada Middle School Wrestling Team as well as four years with the Tri-City Wrestling Club, and two years with the Port Moody Secondary Wrestling team. I have spent two years volunteering and coaching with the Tri-City Youth Basketball Association. Since 2016, my family and I have been actively helping new Canadians adjust to a new life in the community we call home.

I have been involved in politics since 2004. I am an active volunteer with the Federal Liberal Party becoming Treasurer and now Vice Chair of Coquitlam-Port Coquitlam Federal Liberal Party Electoral District Association.

I earned a Bachelors Degree on Physics Engineering and my Masters Degree on Nuclear Engineering from I.T.U.



604-313 2709

Nomination Papers

Vince Donnelly

Vin Donnelly for City Council My name is Vince Donnelly and I’m running for city council this October. I was born in England and moved to Port Moody when I was 13. I have lived in Port Coquitlam for the past 10 years with my wife and three sons, and have been a youth soccer coach with PoCo Eurorite Soccer Club for 12 years. I am first cousins with Fin Donnelly, former Coquitlam city councillor and current NDP-MP, and he has inspired me to affect change in my community and run for city council.

I am running because I care about Port Coquitlam and I am concerned about urban growth and how we have seen its affects on Coquitlam and Port Moody with in-creased traffic congestion. I would also like to see addi-tional lit turf fields at Gates park, an improvement to our recycling program, more liscensed daycares and an in-crease to youth programs and seniors services. I think a caring community coming together and striving to reach our common goals will result in a winning team. I’m a hard working family man and I am dedicated to serving my community. Please look for me on the ballot and vote for Vin Donnelly to be your voice on city council.

Nomination Papers

Laura Dupont

Port Coquitlam has so much going for it. Central within Metro Vancouver we achieve a good balance between development and preserving livability. I believe we have a lot of potential to be a sustainable and healthy city into the future. It is that potential that motivates me to serve our community.

During my first term I worked hard to make thoughtful decisions, keep property tax increase low and maintain the good services our residents have come to expect. Housing affordability is a huge challenge and we are making progress pushing for more rental stock and affordable units. I navigate this region via bus and skytrain and understand the issues and I will always advocate for better transit. Supporting local business keeps our economy strong. Ensuring we have safe streets and active, socially engaged resident will retain a good “quality of life” for Port Coquitlam.

I have a long history of protecting parks and public spaces. Connecting people to nature is my passion and we are fortunate to have an extensive system of parks and trails. I’m proud to be a founding member of Poco Heritage Trees. A grassroots group who works to retain our natural heritage and celebrate nature. Currently we have an exciting exhibit worth seeing called the “Secret Life of Trees” at the Poco Heritage Museum.

The science is clear, trees are good for us. They shade our streets, reduce energy consumption and increase livability. Our properties are worth more with trees than without. Ensuring we have a strong tree bylaw and setting an achievable canopy coverage target will keep Port Coquitlam green into the future and help us be resilient to the effects of climate change.  Supporting first responders to be prepared for fires and floods is good governance.

For more ideas see lauradupont.ca

Nomination Papers

Michael Forrest

WAH -HOO!! PORT Coquitlam!
In true community spirit I am seeking re-election for a 6th term to serve on our PORT Coquitlam city council. 
Both inspirational plans and challenging issues are ahead for the next 4 year term of our Hometown council.

From the completion of our fabulous Community Recreation Complex to the redevelopment of Downtown to the delivery of services in policing, fire, roads, pipes, parks, and solid waste, our council team must continue to be diligent in our control of spending to keep PORT Coquitlam to the lowest tax increase in the region.

We need to focus on the efficient delivery of services within our mandate and avoid getting drawn into spending your tax dollars on expensive issues that are the mandate of other levels of government.
Municipal governance is about Community!!

As part of a 3rd generation POCO family, I would appreciate your support in continuing to bring a passionate sense of Community to your City Council!

Nomination Papers

Shakeel Gaya

The city of Port Coquitlam like most of the Greater Vancouver Region continues to see an influx of residents. These new residents are coming from different parts of British Columbia and Canada. In addition we continue to see a flow of people coming from different parts of the world. The flow of young immigrants and refugees are essential to maintain the economic growth of Canada as many Canadians are retiring or planning to retire and the labor force available is insufficient. This flow has lead to different cities reflecting the growth in different ways. In some cases the city has been prepared and ready with plans to absorb the increase in population while in other cases this has lead to an urban sprawl.

The City of Port Coquitlam is facing challenges of housing and transportation due to a lack of cohesive pro active planning to receive and benefit from this population growth. There is an urgent need for designating the city with different levels of density.  Increase in crime and lack of safety of the neighborhoods is another issue which needs attention; especially around the children’s play areas. The area around Fox Park is an example where the needles are being extracted on a regular basis.

It is my intent to run as a councilor to bring this reality to the residents of Port Coquitlam and to help the City better plan to manage and benefit from the growth. We as a community must face up to the reality of the growth of population and recognize the limited space that we have as a resource. Better planning in defining density zones will enable us to achieve sustainable growth and provide additional green space. This will lead to an improvement in the quality of life for all the residents.

Thank you!

Nomination Papers

Nancy McCurrach

My husband Ray and I have been blessed to live in Port Coquitlam for 25 years, where we have raised our 4 children; Katrina, Monica, Jackie and Bill along with our dog Shelby. Our family has been deeply rooted in the community volunteering in hockey, lacrosse, baseball and highland dancing. Last year I was honored to be the recipient of two awards; one was Volunteer of the Year in the category of Safety and Caring for Port Coquitlam, the other an International Champion Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service along with a Letter of Excellence from the Prime Minister.

I have attended council meetings for 8 years, where I have asked questions, delivered presentations and served as your Citizen’s Advisor on the Smart Growth and Transportation Solutions and Public Works Committees. I have gained valuable insight on how our city operates.

I work in the telecommunications industry from home in the Loyalty and Retention Department where I handle complicated situations and turn them into positive solutions. My job involves in depth problem solving which I can utilize with my City Committee experience and passion for civic activism.

In 2014 I received 3,984 votes visited 5,200 doorsteps. For the current election I have knocked on 3,800 doors and plan to continue; I enjoy meeting the people of Port Coquitlam. I am listening to your concerns. My platform speaks to your issues and I will advocate for you on transportation problems, affordable housing, environmental protection and enhancement, health and safety and our taxes need to be kept fair, transparent and affordable. We need to find solutions so that future generations can afford to live in Port Coquitlam.

I am absolutely dedicated to the people. 

Nomination Papers

Darin Nielsen

I am a long-time resident with deep roots since 1962, and a dedicated volunteer for over 25 years. My amazing wife, Carla Nielsen, is an Education Assistant at Riverside Secondary.   I am a proud father of 5 “absolutely perfect” children. Andrew & Adam are 29 & 30 years old.  In 2014, my wife & I received a gift by being able to provide a “forever family” to siblings Issac, Issabella & Landon (ranging in age from a newborn to a 2 1/2 year old).   We became new grandparents in September.

I was a candidate in 2008 & 2011 for City Council…almost winning in both elections…I only lost by 196 votes in 2008! I would be honoured to be given your trust in this election to represent you on City Council.

I have reached out to listen and learn about issues and concerns of our residents.   Some of the important issues for residents of PoCo:

  • Install pedestrian controlled flashing crosswalk signs; consistent speed enforcement; regularly repaint lines on roads; more sidewalks
  • Keep Taxes Low!Spend taxes effectively & efficiently
  • Provide variety of housing options & include provision that 15% of new units are deemed “affordable housing”
  • Protect our parks, rivers, streams, trails & tree canopy
  • Enclosed tots park with washroom
  • Covered lacrosse box; new turf field & baseball field; enhance existing parks for teenagers
  • Revitalize downtown with a dynamic and vibrant vision
  • By-Law Officers to fine person leaving pet in hot car
  • Ban disposable retail plastic bags
  • Improve traffic congestion and transit for PoCo
  • Repair roads
  • Ban City Council from voting themselves pay raises

With your support, I will be YOUR STRONG VOICE on City Council who will get things done!  I will provide a bold vision and strong leadership!

I sincerely hope I can count on your vote.  Thank you!

Nomination Papers

Priscilla Omulo

First, I would like to acknowledge, with gratitude, this beautiful place where we live, work and play – the Kwikwetlem First Nations and the shared Traditional Territories of the Tsleil-Waututh, Katzie, Musqueam, Squamish and Sto’:lo Nations.

As an Outreach Counselor, I recognize the strengths and struggles families face to stay healthy, safe and strong. My understanding of families and children will be an asset to the work of city council because I will keep wellness of our community front and centre.

There are day-to-day deliverables to meet such as keeping our streets in good working order and garbage collection. However, there are some other key areas I would like to bring my fresh ideas to PoCo:

Housing affordability and development are on peoples’ minds. I have some ideas on how we can grow PoCo without needing high-rise buildings.

Transportation whether you take transit or drive there is one common need and that is the ability to get around and in and out of the city quickly.

Business Development and Job Creation is one way that we can keep PoCo thriving.

Environment contributes to our quality of life. With development and density we have to ensure that we are maintaining our parks, trees and trails and keep doing what we can to soften our carbon footprint.

Community Outreach and Events are services that the city provides that also contribute to the essence of living here. I want to see our arts community grow, our engagement keep strong and have our city feel connected.

I want to be a voice for my community and work every day to make it a safer, happier, healthier and more affordable place to live. I am asking you to give me an opportunity to share my experiences, knowledge and voice to the city of Port Coquitlam.

Nomination Papers

Darrell Penner

Darrell Penner’s passion for the environment can be traced back to a day in the early 1990s when he cleaned up a creek near his house with his youngest son Kevin. Not long after, he helped found Hyde Creek Streamkeepers, one of the City’s first streamkeeper groups. He then became active in projects ranging from stream cleanups to helping establish the watershed education center.

Darrell has called Port Coquitlam home since his family moved here in 1971 from Winnipeg.

He became a meat-cutter while still in his teens, and in1989 he and his wife Brenda opened and operated Meridian Meats & Seafood until turning the business over to their eldest son Josh. Today both sons own the company.

A life-long learner, Darrell earned his teaching credentials and taught meat cutting at Vancouver Community College for six years.

He recently retired as a mechanical technician from International Submarine Engineering in Port Coquitlam.

In his spare time, Darrell enjoys riding his mountain bike on the local trails, as well as making music; a multi-instrumentalist, he has played guitar and bass for decades in various bands.

Darrell and Brenda have two sons, two daughter-in-laws and four grandchildren (the fifth is under construction).




  • First elected to Council in November 1999
  • Chair, Transportation Solutions & Public Works Committee
  • Vice-Chair, Community Safety Committee
  • Member, Community & Intergovernmental Committee
  • Member, Finance & Budget Committee
  • Member, Smart Growth Committee
  • Alternate Representative, Metro Vancouver Board of Directors
  • City Representative, Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Committee
  • City Representative, Metro Vancouver Regional Planning Committee
  • City Representative, Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Committee
  • Founding President of the Hyde Creek Streamkeepers
  • 47-year resident of Port Coquitlam
  • Graduate of Port Coquitlam Senior High School (Terry Fox)
  • Long time business owner in Port Coquitlam

Nomination Papers

Glenn Pollock

My name is Glenn Pollock and I am hoping to have the honor of being elected to a fourth term as a City Councillor in Port Coquitlam.

I have lived in Port Coquitlam for forty years and have been married to my wife Christine for 37 of those years.  We have three awesome sons and four beautiful grandchildren.

I coached hockey for 16 years in Poco and just finished my 32nd year of coaching lacrosse.  I have also served on numerous minor sport association boards throughout the years and my wife and I ran the Junior B Saints Lacrosse Club for 12 years.

My priorities on Council have been and will continue to be as follows;

  • strive to keep property tax increases to a minimum without cutting services.
  • continue to bring good paying jobs to Port Coquitlam.
  • support sports and recreation and the related infrastructure.continue to bring affordable housing to Port Coquitlam and protect the affordable housing that we do have through legislation recently brought in by the Provincial Government.
  • continue to work to bring more family doctors to Port Coquitlam with the assistance of Fraser Health and the Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice.
  • continue to work to improve pedestrian and traffic safety and upgrade crosswalks and intersections.

Thank you for reading this and for considering a vote for Glenn Pollock.

Nomination Papers

Tommy Raguero

Born and raised in the city of Vancouver by his Immigrant Filipino parents, Rustum and Lucilyn. Growing up under their roof, along with his brother Ryan, Tommy quickly learned that respect and having great family values are a few of the keys to being a great human being. It wasn’t until he met his future wife, Reni, that another key was to have the ability to give relentlessly without expecting anything in return.

In 2009, he and Reni got married, in that same year they found out they were pregnant and moved to Port Coquitlam. A city they are very proud to call home.

Today, the only thing that has changed is now there are two kids, Cairo and Callia, running around the house. This alone has been motivation for Tommy to step up and try to make a difference in the community in which his two kids will grow up in.

A natural born leader, who has a passion for sports, health and youth development. Over the years, Tommy has volunteered his time to coach baseball and soccer, he also has help raise money for the Special Olympics and other various organizations. It is now time for him to step up his game.

Tommy envisions bigger and better things for our community. All generations play an important roll, but Tommy feels a focus on our youth is needed, to nurture this generation towards a strong and vibrant future.

Our community continues to grow and should be thriving when it comes to small businesses, and celebrating our community’s diversity. Tommy feels we need a council in place that is willing to fight to push the boundaries to create a community that is safe and supports it’s youth, small businesses and our diversity.

Tommy believes we can make a difference…Together…

Nomination Papers

Carolyn Stewart

Raised in Val Caron, Ontario, Carolyn studied Accounting and Languages at Laurentian University. She continued language studies at Concordia University in Montreal and volunteered with a local French church to immerse in the culture. In 1989, she started working at Maimonides Hospital in the Human Resources and Payroll Department. his is where she met her husband, Jim.

Their romance only blossomed into marriage when she moved to North Vancouver in 1994.  Their search for a home in 1997 led them to Port Coquitlam, where they’ve raised 2 sons (Mack, Liam) and their daughter, Victoria.

The day after their honeymoon, Carolyn got a call to work for Fraserhealth and has been with them in various roles ever since.   In her 23 years, she has seen the amalgamation of health organizations and facilities, healthcare is forever changing.

Her current role as Advisor in the Integrated Protection Services has her overseeing the processes and procedures for the Photo ID and access control systems for all the health organizations in the lower mainland. She is dedicated to finding ways to streamline, improve efficiencies, reduce waste and save tax dollars.

Carolyn has enjoyed singing for various fundraisers, retirement homes and finding ways to support the local music scene.


1994 – Present – Fraserhealth – Advisor, Protection Technologies.

1989 – 1994 Human Resources/Payroll – Maimonides Hospital (Montreal)


  • 2009 – present – Worship Leader (Open Door Church – ODC)
  • 2016 – 2018 – Board of Directors (ODC), Eglise de Christ – Verdun)
  • 2006 –  Ridgemeadows BMX volunteer of the year
  • 2005 – present –Singer/entertainer
  • 2004-2006 – Vice President of BMX for Cycling BC
  • 2004-2006 – President of Ridgemeadows BMX track
  • 1997 – 2001 Strata Council Board – Parkview Lane (Poco)
  • 1989 – 1994 Board of Directors (Eglise de Christ – Verdun)

Nomination Papers

Justin Traviss

Justin Traviss is a 23-year-old political science major at Simon Fraser University who wants to bring a fresh perspective and positive change to Port Coquitlam, where he has lived his entire life.

Wanting to give back to the community that helped shape him, Justin is excited about having the chance to run for city council and serve the people of Port Coquitlam.

As a young person, Justin has a vested interest in addressing affordability, improving transit, and upholding the community values he grew up with. When he was younger Justin enjoyed soccer and learned about how important recreational activities have on building fond memories and friendships.

Maintaining and improving the many unique aspects of Port Coquitlam are also priorities for Justin. who enjoys Port Coquitlam’s many trails, parks, and downtown. The events that are hosted by the city such as the mayday parade, cinema under the stars, and grand prix are favorites of Justin who wishes to expand on events like these.

The variety of local businesses gives Port Coquitlam a unique hometown feel that Justin is enthusiastic to support.

Proud to be born and raised in Port Coquitlam, Justin enjoys the city’s small town feeling and welcoming nature. Justin attended and graduated from Terry Fox High School where he gained an appreciation for the impact one person can have on his community and his country.

Nomination Papers

Dean Washington

I am excited to be seeking re-election to Port Coquitlam City Council for a third term. Over the past seven years I have truly enjoyed being a part of seeing our city continue to evolve into one of the best places to live and work in the Lower Mainland.

In a time where we have seen the overall cost of living increase dramatically, I am proud of the work we have done to keep Port Coquitlam tax increases the lowest in the region. As Chair of the Finance and Budget Committee I am also proud that while holding the line on taxes we increased resources in both the Fire and Police departments, commenced construction on a new 132 million dollar Community Rec Centre and witness a record number of rehabilitation projects to renew our streets and pipes in the ground.

If I have the privilege of serving on council a third time I look forward to continue my work on making sure the tax increases are kept in check so residents keep their money where it belongs…in their pockets. I also look forward to overseeing the revitalization of our Downtown and the North Side business areas, plus work towards bringing more family-friendly festivals to the city.

For more information please visit www.facebook.com/washington.poco/

Nomination Papers

Jami Watson

I have been community member of the Tri-cities for 35 years, an employee of Costco #255 of 20 years and shared-parenting my 4 children who are currently attending schools in Port Coquitlam.

Two of my children and myself are hard of hearing. My family and I moved here from Edmonton when I was 5, to participate in SD43’s mainstreaming program.

A huge part of our success, as hard of hearing individuals, is the support and resources we have received from our school district. My core belief is everyone deserves this kind of accessibility.

I started getting involved with community by joining the Blakeburn Elementary School garden committee 8 years ago. Together with a dedicated crew, we enjoyed the process of creating an outdoor classroom for the school while creating habitat for bees, birds and butterflies.

Being inspired by the impact the school garden had on myself and the people around me,

I spent three years pursuing a reconciliation garden for the women who died on the Pickton property. The question regarding future of the land became part of that inquisition.

From these experiences, I found my ardency of advocacy and stewardship.

I want to focus on issues such as affordable housing, mental wellness, accessiblity for all, climate change and local innovation.

I am ready to roll up my sleeves, learn, work hard and collaborate with a team.

My passion is about pursuing solutions that will potentially lead to the betterment of our city. Together.

Nomination Papers

School Trustee (Two to be elected)

Andrea Howorth

Andrea grew up in Port Coquitlam and has 2 children attending schools in the district. She constantly volunteers in her children’s schools by taking on roles with PAC such a Fundraising Chair, Vice President and last year became the DPAC Representative at both the Elementary and Middle School level. Andrea has attended School Board Meetings and through the Budget Process feels more parents need to be educated on financial decisions being made on behalf of students.

Her hands-on involvement in the schools while visiting them in her role as Executive Director for I AM Someone Ending Bullying Society has allowed her to learn and understand what some of the current issues teachers and parents face in the schools.

As an active parent who engages regularly with residents whether attending Tri-Cities Chamber events,  through her childrens’  activities or community events she is always on alert about hot topics. Andrea is aware how parents are desperate to find before and after school care and would like to work with all partners involved to make this a priority and see more support from the School District.  This includes having conversations with our local business community and future developers to get ahead of over-crowding in our schools and continuing conversations with Provincial Government.

She believes it’simportant to leverage the support programs already in place to create a sense of belonging and foster confidence. She will focus on providing an inclusive school environment for students with diverse learning needs and work with the staff, families and community agencies involved. Each student is a unique learner.  The Alternative Programs such as Inquiry Hub is a great initiative where SD43 is leading by example. As parents and influencers, she believes we need to support, encourage and empower each student to achieve and realize their full potential.

Nomination Papers

Christine Pollock

Let me introduce myself. I am a wife, mother to three wonderful young men and grandmother to four beautiful grandchildren and a proud resident of Port Coquitlam. I am excited to be running for the position of School Trustee in school district 43.

I have lived in Port Coquitlam for over 40 years. I went to school here as did all three of my children. I recently retired after 30 years as an Education Assistant in School District 43. I have worked at the elementary, middle school and secondary levels supporting students with special needs. For the past ten years I have worked for District 43 Learning Services as a member of the Inclusion Support team supporting students with behavioural challenges, both in the classroom and through outreach.

I spent many years volunteering for minor and junior lacrosse in Port Coquitlam as well as the Lower Mainland Minor Lacrosse Commission, and was Chair of all Senior lacrosse in B.C. for six years. I served in the accreditation office at the World Junior Hockey Championships as well as a Welcome Centre Host at the 2010 winter Olympic Games.

I have spent 30 years supporting the most vulnerable students in our school district. I’ve experienced first hand the challenges faced by students, staff and families when it comes to ensuring quality education for these, and all students. I feel strongly that I have much to offer to the continued growth and advancement of learning environments in School District 43.

Nomination Papers

Edward Ram

“Safe, Inclusive, Caring, & Quality Schools”

Served as SD43 District PAC Rep. (2 years), Vice President (4 years), & Treasurer (currently) 2009-2018

Attended everySD43 Board Meeting as DPAC VP advocating for students, parents, & taxpayers

Volunteered on school based Parent Advisory Councils (PAC) (12 years)

Participated on various SD43 committees:

  • Pre-budget Partner Group consultation– advocated for more resources for Psychological Educational Assessment and for more Educational Assistants to be hired,
  • Report Card Review– provided parental feedback to the Assistant Superintendent,
  • Student Achievement Advisory committee– reviewed graduation rates; scrutinized and approved locally developed courses,
  • Alternate School Programs Inquiry– focused on how to keep children in school and ensure their graduation,
  • Technology Education– helped to upgrade the School’s iPads, laptops and network systems

Worked on the DPAC Multicultural Advocacy & Concerns Committee, & School Outreach Initiative

Group Consultant for rewording of controversial SD43 proposed Policy 22 on how parents can interact with school personnel

Experience as a full time Classroom Teacher (5 years), & Teacher on Call (5 years), 1991-2001

Entrepreneur in the computer industry (20 years), & as a Liberty Tax Franchisee (2 years)

With his wife, Paula, has five children who all attended SD43 since 1995, the youngest being in Grade 11

YOUR concerns are MY TOP concerns

Lobby to raise SD43 from its current position as third lowest funded district in B.C.

Ensure equitable and transparent use of the $310 million budget within the district and in classrooms

Review implementation of Supreme Court ruling on class size & composition, specifically how to bring back Art & Music programs & Daycare spaces that have been lost.

Revise how capital funds are used to build new schools so our children are not in portables.

Connect with me: 604-588-8290



Nomination Papers

Bruce Richardson

My name is Bruce Richardson and I am running for the position of School Trustee- Port Coquitlam. I have been a resident of Port Coquitlam for 22 years. I am married and our son attended school in this school district. I recently retired after 23 years as an  Electrical Supervisor in School District 43. I have attended School Trustee meetings on a regular basis for the past 10 years to learn what the issues are and what needs to happen to make positive changes for students, staff and taxpayers. I understand first hand the challenges faced by students, parents , teachers and support staff in our current school system. My involvement in the community is important to me as well, leading me to serve as the President of the Port Coquitlam Events Society. I have been a member of the Port Coquitlam Car show committee for the last 12 years. We have successfully organized the popular event which draws thousands of residents every August to the downtown core. Additionally, I have been on the Board of the New Westminster Senior Salmon Bellies lacrosse team for 13 years. I am running for School Trustee because I believe that the needs of students and transparent decision making are the key issues facing education today. I will work hard to ensure that I am accountable to all of the stakeholders in the education system. My goal is to put the” Trust” back into Trustee. On October 20th please vote for me Bruce Richardson.

Nomination Papers

Michael Thomas

I have worked hard on the Board of Education to represent our students and our community. First elected in 2014 and now as Vice Chair, I’ve helped bring stability to our district– allowing us to support all students, especially our most vulnerable.  We’ve created new learning opportunities and given students the cutting-edge toolsthey need to prosper in the 21st century. As a parent, Trustee and community member, I’m committed to always putting students first!

My top priority over the next term is to continue to move seismic safety projects forward as rapidly as possible, because our kids deserve Safe and Inclusive Schools. We also need to continue to rebuild our district following the cuts of 2013/14, restoring and enhancing supports for students. Ensuring every student has their best learning opportunity.

SD43 Experience and Leadership Roles

  • 4 years on the SD43 Board of Education
  • 2 years as Vice Chair of the School Board
  • 3 years BC Public School Employers Association representative for SD43
  • 4 years active Finance Committee member
  • 4 years BC School Trustee Association Provincial Council alternate

Connected to Schools and our Community

  • Parent of 3 CurrentSD43 Students (grades 4, 6 & 8)
  • Long Time PoCo Resident
  • Small Business / Tech Company Owner
  • 9 Years as a PoCo Soccer Coach
  • Served on May Day & other Civic Committees
  • Former Director of PoCo Heritage, helped found the PoCo Museum
  • Long Time Community Volunteer

History of Success for Students

  • Hired More Teachers and EAs Then EverBefore!
  • Eliminated the Annual Teacher Layoffs
  • Added a Mental Health Coordinator
  • Putting More Money into Classrooms
  • Creating 21st Century Learning
  • Modern High Speed WiFifor All Schools
  • 5900 New Tech devices for Students & Teachers last summer alone.
  • Building Safe Schools& Additions

Let’s Connect!

Facebook/Instagram:ThomasFromPoCo              Twitter: @ThomasFromPoCo

http://www.ThomasFromPoCo.ca                              Phone:  604-715 -7320


Nomination Papers

Melanie Young

My name is Melanie Young, and I am running for a position as School Board Trustee for Port Coquitlam. I have been a resident of Port Coquitlam for 17 years. My daughter attended K-12 in SD 43, and is just beginning her post-secondary education.

I believe in an education system that helps students develop knowledge, skills and dispositions which will allow them to achieve their personal goals and to become active citizens in our communities. Public education should be well-funded, and should support all students.  My work and my research have been in the field of education for social justice, and these are the values that guide me.

I became a teacher in 1986, and have since taught in secondary schools, private language schools, and post secondary institutions, in Canada and in other countries. I have a PhD in education, and have worked as a teacher educator and educational researcher. I have also worked in administration in post secondary, coordinating a department and a degree program, and reviewing and revising educational policy. Currently, I teach English Upgrading at Douglas College.

I believe my experience as a parent of an SD 43 student and my background as an educator will allow me to make a positive contribution to the School Board of District 43.

Nomination Papers