City Services Directory

Building Inspection Requests

Phone: 604.927.5445

Building Permits

Phone: 604.927.5444

Building, Abandoned, Vacant or Unsecured

Phone: 604.927.5440

Burial Permits

Phone: 604.927.5251

Burning Permits

Phone: 604.927.5466

Bus Service, Schedules and Routes

Phone: 604.953.3333 Website:

Business Licences

Phone: 604.927.5238

Bylaw Enforcement

Phone: 604.927.5440

Bylaws, Copies of

Phone: 604.927.5421

Canada Day Celebrations

Phone: 604.927.7935

Cemetery – Plot and Interment Inquiries

Phone: 604.927.5251

Cemetery Maintenance

Phone: 604.927.5496

Children’s Services

Phone: 604.927.5182

City Clerk (Corporate Office)

Phone: 604.927.5213

City Logo/Coat of Arms

Phone: 604.927.5410

City Lots Maintenance

Phone: 604.927.5496

Commercial Vehicle Decals

Phone: 604.927.5425

Committee Meetings, Information

Phone: 604.927.5421

Communications Division

Phone: 604.927.5499

Community and Civic Events

Phone: 604.927.7903