CCTV Registry

Have a security camera? Join the City’s Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) registry to help provide security footage for police investigations

Port Coquitlam properties with video surveillance are asked to join the fight against crime by signing up for the City’s CCTV registry.

The pilot CCTV registry is intended to help police more quickly track down security footage that could help solve crimes. Owners, renters and managers of businesses, homes, stratas and other buildings are encouraged to complete the form below with information about the location of your security cameras.

  • Prevents police from having to canvass for footage
  • Creates a partnership between the City, community and police
  • Helps keep footage off social media, which can hinder investigations

How it Works

  1. RCMP alert the City about the need for footage for a police investigation.
  2. The City provides the list of CCTV cameras to the RCMP.
  3. The RCMP contacts the owner directly to request their footage.
  4. Owner provides relevant footage directly to the RCMP, at their own discretion, on a case-by-case basis.


Sign up for the Port Coquitlam registry below. Open to all Port Coquitlam owners, renters and managers of businesses, homes, stratas and other buildings with video surveillance.

Registrants can withdraw from the program at any time.

Camera Placement

  • Install the camera on your own property
  • Direct the viewing towards your own property and not towards other peoples’ private property
  • Limit to no audio recording capabilities

Video Formatting

To increase video evidence efficiency for usability and court case success, please follow these general guidelines:

  • Original and unaltered video files
  • Coloured, high resolution, records activity frequently, placement considerations should be unique to your property/business
  • Full video coverage (at least 5 mins before and after the specific incident)
  • Provide the video recording device make and model info to the police

If an incident occurred and the police may not have requested it yet, retrieve video footage as soon as possible. Most video machines copy over data after a certain period of time due to limited storage capacities. Contact the police directly regarding incidents you are aware of. See something, say something. Visit Coquitlam RCMP online incident reporting.

Note: Private sector: businesses, strata, landlords are recommended to refer to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for BC (OIPC) for more information.  Their guidelines are not considered legal advice or other advice. Responsibility for compliance with the law rests with each organization and public body.

Privacy Protected

Your privacy is protected. Your contact details are stored security, you own your footage, and you decide what video – if any – to provide to the RCMP. Opt out at any time.

Participation is voluntary and police do not automatically have access to the footage.The system keeps personal information confidential and sharing video is voluntary.

For the first two years, the City will audit the program every six months to ensure it continues to comply with privacy law and best practices. It will be reviewed annually after that in consultation with the RCMP and registry participants.

Hosted on a secure server, the registry is hoped to:

  • Save time during criminal investigations by preventing officers from having to canvass neighbourhoods to find security footage
  • Help deter criminals if they know there is a greater chance they will be caught on camera, and
  • Reduce the sharing of footage on social media, which can interfere with police investigations and lead to individuals being wrongly accused
  • Creates a partnership between the City, community and police


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Northside Community Police Station
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