Graffiti harms a community in many ways. It defaces buildings, lowers property values and invites other types of criminal activity. It also discourages customers, visitors or prospective residents.

Graffiti costs both businesses and taxpayers thousands of dollars each year in lost revenue and clean-up activities. Learn about the Wipe Out Graffiti program for businesses.

Stop Graffiti from Spreading

It has been proven that when graffiti is removed within 72 hours, the chance of it reappearing in the same location is minimized. Leaving graffiti in place sends the message that the building or area is not monitored or cared for, which can lead to graffiti and crime spreading to other areas.

Graffiti is also often easier to remove if it is done soon after the occurrence, and may not require harsh chemical products or painting.

Prevention and Removal Tips
  • Increase lighting and visibility around target areas on your building.
  • Ensure target spots can be seen from high traffic areas where possible; this will aid police surveillance as well as discourage graffiti activity.
  • Install video surveillance or put sprinklers on motion sensor.
  • Consider using paints and products on your building that are more resilient to graffiti. These products are more expensive but may have long term benefits.
  • Pick up a brochure on graffiti and removal techniques at the Community Police Stations.
  • Report graffiti by using our online form.
Remember the Three Rs
  • React! Don’t ignore it – take action as soon as you notice it.
  • Report! The occurrence needs to be reported to the police so they can record and track occurrences and provide the appropriate surveillance. Contact a Community Police Station or report it by using our online form.
  • Remove! Several paint stores offer discounts for paint if you report the occurrence. The City partners with Tri-City Paint and Decorating on the Wipe Out Graffiti program for commercial businesses in the Downtown and Northside.

Report Graffiti

Residents who report graffiti using our online form, or by calling or dropping by one of the stations, will receive a discount on paint and supplies from the Port Coquitlam Home Depot on Nicola Avenue.

When you fill out the report, be prepared to provide details such as the location, description and, if possible, date and approximate time.

Upon receiving a report, Community Police Station personnel generate a report and send volunteers out to photograph the graffiti. Bike and foot patrols are also alerted to the location and put extra effort into patrolling this area.

Once the report has been filed, the complainant is given a coupon for a 10% discount at the Port Coquitlam Home Depot on Nicola Avenue for supplies related to cleaning up the reported graffiti. This coupon has the name of the recipient, expiry date as well as the file number.

Learn about the Wipe Out Graffiti program for businesses.


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