Neighbourhood Preparedness

Although nothing can be done to prevent a disaster such as an earthquake or flood, individuals and families that are prepared before disaster strikes are more likely to cope effectively during the event, and recover more quickly after the event.

During disasters and major emergencies people have learned that they must help each other to survive!

What is a Neighbourhood Preparedness Program?

Our Neighbourhood Program teaches individuals and families how to become personally sufficient for a minimum of 72 hours.  It teaches neighbourhoods how to plan and train as a group to respond safely and effectively as an organized team during a disaster or major emergency.  A Neighbourhood Program is an effective way to transform a neighbourhood’s potential into an active and useable force – before disaster strikes!

Whether you live in a house, an apartment, townhouse or the agricultural area our Neighbourhood Program is easily adaptable to benefit both you and your neighbours.

The program teaches preparedness skills that can be put to use:

  • in your home;
  • in your neighbourhood;
  • in your workplace;
  • in your school;
  • in your community
How does the Neighbourhood Program work?

Although there may be differences in format or delivery method depending upon the community, Port Coquitlam’s general process includes the following:

  • Determine the size,demographics and special concerns of your neighbourhood.
  • Identify hazards and their potential effects and impacts to your neighbourhood.
  • Advise neighbourhood residents on the advantages of becoming personally prepared, to learn what to expect and how to cope.
  • Promote training.
  • Determine and identify the neighbourhood resources.
  • Encourage neighbours to volunteer on at least one of the neighbourhood teams. These teams are a component of the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Assist your neighbourhood in establishing a network with adjacent neighbourhoods, other organizations and the community at large.
What will it cost to take the program training?

Trained volunteer facilitators deliver the training to Neighbourhoods free of charge. There may be nominal costs for purchasing or supplementing personal or Neighbourhood emergency supplies.

When should planning start?

Now is the time to start planning. By organizing now, as a family and Neighbourhood you will save precious time following a disaster or emergency.

How do I get involved?

Start with a phone call! Call your City Emergency Preparedness Office for more information. We will be happy to assist you to identify training and involvement opportunities, whether it is for an individual, a family or a neighbourhood.


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