Climate Action Plan

The Corporate and Community Climate Action Plan, adopted in 2010, is part of the City of Port Coquitlam’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG), which are linked to climate change.

Developed through public consultation and research, the plan sets out targets and actions to help both the City and community reduce GHGs, mostly through reducing energy consumption and vehicle use. Better bicycle facilities, waste-diversion programs and energy saving appliances are among the recommendations.

Elements of the plan are reflected in the EnviroPlan – the City’s Environmental Strategic Plan that was implemented in 2011.

Actions recommended for the City include:

  • reducing energy use by retrofitting buildings,
  • implementing energy efficient LED technology,
  • reducing the demand on potable water and the amount of liquid waste generated, and
  • implementing energy-aware driver training and greater use of alternative fuels (i.e. biofuels) for City vehicles.

Actions recommended for the community include:

  • completing the Coast Meridian Overpass project to improve traffic flow and reduce idling (now complete),
  • promoting waste-diversion programs, such as yard trimmings and kitchen waste collection, recycling and composting,
  • promoting energy consumption ratings in online realty MLS listings,
  • adopting energy-reduction targets for existing community, commercial and industrial buildings,
  • encouraging residents to seal leaks and drafts in their homes and use energy-efficient appliances and windows,
  • setting energy-efficiency targets for new residential, commercial and industrial buildings,
  • requiring developers to incorporate showers, lockers and secured bike storage in new buildings,
  • discouraging the installation of electric baseboards in new homes,
  • promoting development of existing undeveloped or under-utilized lots,
  • encouraging mixed-use development that co-locate homes and services,
  • increase population density to conserve land for future developments and increase future livability,
  • reduce distances between commercial and residential areas to reduce vehicle use,
  • encouraging walk-to-school programs, carpooling, car-free days and public transport, and
  • promoting fuel-efficient and electric vehicles.

Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program CARIP reporting 2017:

  • The City of Port Coquitlam has signed the BC Climate Action Charter to work towards Carbon Neutrality. As part of the Climate Action Charter, local governments are required to track and report greenhouse gas emissions from their facilities, operations and services.
  • More information is available at BC Climate Action Toolkit
  • The 2018 CARIP report (pdf) is now available, and declares that the City is “Making Progress on our Carbon Neutral Commitment”.


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