Let’s Talk Trees

Trees are important. How do you think the City should manage the trees in our community?

Did you know?

  • Port Coquitlam’s “urban forest” includes about 5.6 million trees on all private and public property, including streets, parks and conservation areas.
  • About 45% of Port Coquitlam’s urban forest is on public land, and 55% is on private land.

Trees provide important benefits to Port Coquitlam. They have environmental value, provide shade, improve our quality of life, and enhance the community’s natural beauty – an enduring source of PoCo Pride.

Port Coquitlam’s current tree canopy (the area covered by trees) is 23.8% – but that will decline if we don’t change how we manage our trees.

We’re updating our tree policies and regulations and want your opinion on how we could better manage our trees, now and in the years to come.

Why are Trees Important?

  • They create shade and privacy.
  • They help conserve energy, absorb sound, and filter out airborne pollutants.
  • They help control erosion and stormwater runoff.
  • They help mitigate climate change.
  • They provide a habitat for birds and wildlife.
  • They connect us to nature and create a sense of calm and well-being.


How to Manage our Urban Forest

Some ideas we are considering include:

Setting a target for the tree canopy in our community

  • Determining what is the right amount of tree cover

Seeing more trees planted and thriving

  • Planting more street trees in residential neighbourhoods
  • Requiring owners to replace the trees they cut
  • Promoting trees through education, subsidies and grants
  • Developing a tree planting guide

Better protecting trees

  • Identifying significant and heritage trees – trees we value for their size, age, species or story – and then improving ways to retain them
  • Expanding tree cutting permit requirements to apply to more trees
  • Eliminating the one “free” tree cutting permit per year on private property
  • Educating people on the value and benefits of trees

Better managing trees

  • Maintaining a comprehensive tree inventory
  • Improving City processes for tree protection
  • Developing a tree maintenance guide for property owners

Project Timeline

  • August-September 2017: Online survey, displays at City events and facilities, public outreach and public workshop
  • October 2017: Public workshop
  • End of year: Draft updated policy and bylaw changes
  • Early 2018: Consideration by Council

Further Information


Neil MacEachern
Environmental Coordinator
Planning Division, Development Services
Email maceachernn@portcoquitlam.ca
Tel 604.927.5267

Rob Landucci, B.Sc, NRP
Parks Coordinator
Parks Division, Engineering & Public Works
Email landuccir@portcoquitlam.ca
Tel 604.927.5458

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