Monitoring Well Permits

Permits are required to install monitoring wells, which are used to measure and monitor the quality or movement of foreign substances, elements, chemicals, fluids or pollutants below the surface of the ground. The wells may be used for a few months up to several years.

Get Started: Pre-application

Under the Highway Use Regulations Bylaw, permits are required to install monitoring wells (including vacuum holes, test pits, boreholes and other minor excavations) for environmental or geotechnical investigations on City boulevards or highways.

When are permits required?

The permitting process enables the City to consider the potential short-term and long-term impacts of the well installation, including:

  • the safety of the public and motorists;
  • underground utilities, concrete sidewalks, asphalt roadways, trees and landscaping;
  • groundwater quality and supply;
  • delays or adjustments to future construction works at the monitoring well location;
  • ongoing maintenance, future decommissioning and restoration;
  • environmental and other risks and liabilities;
  • development proposals and plans;
  • adjacent property owners; and
  • on-site and off-site soil and groundwater remediation
Additional requirements

Additional permits and requirements that may apply:

Application Process

Application Packages

The Engineering & Public Works Department will only accept complete application packages, including:

Fees and securities please view the Fees and Charges Bylaw and Highway Bylaw


Please allow 10 working days for your application to be reviewed.

Approval Process

Your site may be inspected as part of your approval and monitoring process, and your project must comply with applicable regulations and permit conditions at all times.


If your project requires an extension, you must apply to renew your permit at least 10 working days before your permit expires.

To renew your permit, please provide the applicable application renewal fee (see Highways Bylaw) and update all applicable specifications as necessary to identify any changes to site conditions and to demonstrate compliance with current bylaws and regulations.


Upon the completion of your project, you must have met all permit requirements.

The applicant must submit a security release request to the Engineering & Public Works Department before the permit expires and must provide at least 72 hours advance written notice before ceasing activities.

Upon receiving the request, staff will review and inspect the site. You will be notified of the release status once the review is complete.


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