Site Identification

Toxic substances may exist in the soil, soil vapour, surface water, and groundwater of the sites being proposed for development in Port Coquitlam with specified commercial or industrial activities as outlined in the schedule 2 of the Contaminated Sites Regulation.

Effective February 1, 2021, the new Site Identification process is legislated by Environmental Management Amendment Act, 2019 (Bill17) and Contaminated Sites Regulation to identify contaminated sites and bring them to the attention of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy to ensure investigation and remediation occurs prior to redevelopment.

Get Started: Pre-application

An applicant must complete a provincial Site Identification questionnaire to determine if a Site Investigation is required for a commercial or industrial property that applies for:

  • Subdivision (SUB),
  • Zoning (RZ),
  • Development Permit (DP) or
  • Building Permit (BP)

For residential or agricultural properties, the applicant may be required to complete the Site Identification Questionnaire upon request of the File Manager to declare if specific industrial/commercial activities have occurred on site either currently and historically.

It may be helpful to review information on the provincial Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy website:

For additional information, contact the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy at .

Application Process

The City will only accept complete application packages including the Site Identification Questionnaire.

If a Site Investigation is determined to be required by the Site Identification Form, the applicant must complete the Site Disclosure Statement for submission to the City to initiate the Site Investigation process with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy.

The Site Disclosure Statement administration fee is $100 in the Fees and Charges Bylaw  No.4289, Schedule K.


The City will provide any applicable feedback within 15 working days.

Approval Process

The Ministry’s approval process ensures that the site is suitable for the proposed use, and is safe for human health and the environment.

Please be aware that on industrial/commercial or complex sites, you will likely require the assistance of an environmental consultant to address any investigation or remediation requirements.


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