Watershed Planning

Port Coquitlam has several watersheds, including the Hyde Creek Watershed and Maple Creek Watershed. An Integrated Watershed Management Plan has been developed for Hyde Creek, and a similar management plan for Maple Creek is under review.

The objectives of these plans include:

  • maintaining or improving the ecological functions of watercourses through restoration and enhancement of fish and wildlife habitat,
  • maintaining or enhancing biodiversity,
  • improving water quality,
  • minimizing erosion and soil stability, and
  • ensuring adequate flood control and protection of people and property.
Hyde Creek Integrated Watershed Management Plan

The Hyde Creek Watershed study area encompasses the watersheds associated with Hyde, Watkins, West Smiling, Smiling and Burke Mountain Creeks as well as Cedar Drive Ditch (or Creek) in Port Coquitlam.

Above Victoria Drive, in the City of Coquitlam, the watershed has moderately steep slopes that become significantly steeper in the northeast corner of the study area toward Pinecone Burke Mountain Park.

Below Victoria Drive, within the City of Port Coquitlam, the terrain changes from gently sloping to nearly flat in the southern and eastern areas of Port Coquitlam’s portion of the watershed.

Within the City of Coquitlam, the Hyde Creek and tributary watersheds are lightly developed at the current time, with dispersed homes and small subdivisions. The undeveloped areas have heavy forest cover.

However, consistent with the Metro Vancouver regional district’s strategic plans, Coquitlam’s Citywide Official Community Plan establishes a policy framework that will guide the development of a more urban community along the lower slopes of Burke Mountain and within those watersheds.

In contrast, Port Coquitlam has already developed in accordance with its Official Community Plan.  It is predominantly single-family housing with associated schools, parks and green spaces. Some commercial developments, and areas of multi-family housing also exist; however, these land uses account for a relatively small proportion of the total area.

DOWNLOAD: Hyde Creek Integrated Watershed Management Plan (pdf)

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Maple Creek Integrated Watershed Management Plan

A tributary of the Coquitlam River, Maple Creek runs primarily through developed housing and commercial areas.

The purpose of the plan is to improve the creek’s 192-hectare (474-acre) watershed by minimizing the risk of flooding to private property, preserving habitat in the stream and plants in the riparian corridor (the creek bank and up to 30 metres away), and identifying effective and affordable enhancement opportunities.

Key issues in the Maple Creek watershed include:

  • Flooding
  • Poor stream water quality
  • Riparian encroachment and lack of riparian cover
  • Low summer stream flows
  • Barriers to fish passage
  • Aquatic habitat restoration and enhancement
  • On-site Rainwater Management to mimic natural hydrology

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