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Go paperless – sign up today! Manage your City bills and licences online and have them delivered right to your email inbox!

You can also view your current and past bills and get detailed info about your taxes, utilities, dog and business licences and book a building or plumbing inspection.

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Stay Connected

Our City of Port Coquitlam social media links can keep you up-to-date on our community. You also have the opportunity to post comments and have conversations with us and other residents. Visit us at any of our social links below and be sure to bookmark them and check back often!

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Business Licences

Save yourself a trip to City Hall or a stamp for the postage and renew your business licence online with a credit card.

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Electronic Home Owner Grants

Skip the lineups and save a stamp by using the quick and easy electronic application to claim your Home Owner Grant.

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Provides you  with a customized list of potential permits and licences from all levels of government that you may require to operate your business.

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Online Payment System

Pay a ticket, renew a dog licence or business licence over the Internet.

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Dog Licences

Your dog might like the drive to City Hall to renew his licence, but you might not have time to get down during business hours. Renew online with a credit card.

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Search Recreation activity and program information for details and pricing and register for your favourite programs at your convenience from the comfort of  your home.

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An interactive mapping tool that provide wide range of City information, such as property line, tax & assess value, zoning, OCP, underground utilities, public facility locations and more. Information currently available on PoCoMAP includes:

  • property information, including property lines, address, legal descriptions, zoning, legal plans and orthophotos (aerial photos)
  • detail report, includes assessment value for the past 5 years and current tax assessment and utility charges
  • road information, such as street names, truck routes and road closure restrictions
  • locations of public facilities and amenities including schools, parks and trails
  • garbage zone, flood plain and contour maps
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Budget Suggestion Box

The City of Port Coquitlam’s Budget Suggestion Box initiative provides a forum for residents to offer their ideas on how the City can increase efficiencies, generate new revenues, and/or make effective changes to service delivery. Suggestions or ideas that fall within the scope of what the City provides will be reviewed and considered for the 2014 Budget Process.

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Tax Certificates

myLTSA Enterprise: Select Service Providers and Order Tax Certificates from the main menu when logged in.

BC Online: Select Tax Certificates Online from the main menu when logged in.

APIC: Order and pay for the tax certificate by credit card.

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Online Community Calendar

The online Community Calendar lists important City of Port Coquitlam events, meetings, and public input opportunities. Use this page to view and learn more about events happening in your neighbourhood.

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Service Requests & Comments

Use our online service request form or locate the contact information necessary to communicate your service requests, compliments and complaints to the appropriate City Department.

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