Avoiding Pipe Blockages

About 80% of wastewater comes from our homes, where each person produces an average of 500 litres of wastewater every day. Some of the things that we put down our pipes can cause big problems for our homes, the environment and the region’s sewer system. You can help by watching what you put down sinks, toilets and storm drains.

There are lots of everyday things you can do to keep the region’s wastewater system (and your pipes) running well.

  • Do not dump oils into sinks or garburators, such as canola, peanut, vegetable, etc.
  • Do not dump high grease foods into sinks or garburators, such as duck, bacon, chicken, pork, meat, etc.
  • Excessive use of toilet paper and paper towels can be damaging to your sanitary system.
  • Many wipes of all kinds claim to be ‘flushable’ but they are not built to decompose. Please discard all wipes into your garbage.
  • A good household practice is to fill your bathtubs up once a month with COLD WATER and let it flow through your system. Most toilets and systems are now ‘low flow’ and many Port Coquitlam service lines are close to grade. This provides a good push through your system, right out to the water main.