Boulevard Maintenance

It’s important to know where your property ends and the public boulevard begins, to ensure access and public safety.

The boulevard includes City infrastructure (sidewalks, curbs etc.) as well as the strip of finished or unfinished shoulder alongside the roadway. Your property line may be further back from the road than you think.

Property owners and residents are required to maintain the boulevards that border their property. Although they are encouraged to beautify the boulevard with grass or plants, they are prohibited from doing anything on the boulevard that can obstruct public or City access or cause a public safety hazard.

Read Boulevard Maintenance Bylaw No. 3965

These rules apply to boulevards adjacent to your property:

  • Keep the boulevard mowed and weeded.
  • Remove garbage from the boulevard within 48 hours.
  • Keep hedges and plantings trimmed to ensure they don’t block visibility or access for those on the sidewalks or roads.
  • Improve the boulevard by planting grass, lawn, shrubs, flowers, or ground cover, or adding ornamental landscaping materials.
Not Permitted
  • Construct any structure (fences, walls, gates, retaining walls or rockery).
  • Plant noxious weeds.
  • Plant anything that will grow taller than 1 metre or will block visibility or accessfor those on the sidewalks or roads.
  • Install impervious surfaces (e.g. asphalt).
  • Create parking, or remove or block public parking.
  • Cut down any tree or portion of trunk.
  • Damage or remove any City infrastructure (curb, pipe, sidewalk, signs, lights etc.)
  • Alter the natural grade or affect drainage patterns.

Know Your Property Line

Avoid costly mistakes by knowing the location of your property line before building any structures near your property edges, including paved parking spaces, fences and retaining walls.

Anything placed on the public boulevard, including landscaping, may need to be removed for public works (such as utility maintenance or sidewalk construction) or to ensure public access.

  • Get a general idea of your property line at PoCoMAP (please note that this is not a legal survey).
  • Most property owners have a legal survey from when they purchased their property. If you can’t find your survey and want to confirm your exact lot lines and locations:


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